Tyranny of Dragons

Arcane Brotherhood at Luskan

Session 29 - Magic Shopping

By Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

Back at the Dragon’s lair we pay off the Ice Trolls.
On one of the Frost Giant Trophies we find a giant ring with an interesting symbol – Hitum decides to wear it around his neck

Marfaub, the Ice toad sage, and Mccath joins us and we store all their stuff in the bag of holding.

On the surface there is a huge celebration, and Bonecarver cures Blake with her druidic ways.

We journey to Luskan for the Arcan Brotherhood – taking 4 days.

On the way Blake does some scrying and we discover the following:
Frulam is in a cave with a number of slaves
Bogluck in on the road with some grassy plains
Rezmir is in a ice area camp – where we hear a huge roar

We meet up with archmage Kashan the red from the Brotherhood at the Hosttower.
The Brotherhood is also having trouble with the Dragon Cult, and they will be there when the time comes.
Mary decides to stay at the Hosttower with the Brotherhood.
Our reward for our efforts, is for Mccath to join us – where’s the bloody gold
Ryndel is offered a position with the Brotherhood, and he does so.
We find we can buy magic items and sell items with the Brotherhood – this could prove interesting

We stay at the Rusty Anchor and are visited by Delann Winterhound and his wolf. He tells us about Skyreach Castle falling at Glacier Miklos and asks us to retrieve it. There is a possible ally named Darlo who lives near the glacier and will aid us if we mention Delaan and show the Golden Leaf.
There is a also the orc tribe of Broken Tusk whom we should avoid if possible
Climbing the glacier is supposedly the safer route – tell that to the bloody Frost Giants

Blake scry’s our Cloud Giant ally and sees that he is in some kind of Giant Hall feating – very suspicious.

Hithum’s old charm trinket starts to spin and we can see Conrad Brawnanvil, he demands Hithum to reclaim Skyreach Castle for our clan. This could prove a problem as isn’t the giant’s our current allies. But the hatred of giants amongst the Dwarves runs deep, and can you ever really trust a giant.

We sail to the glacier and make our way across till we see a huge clifftop.
Blake flies across and readies the rope, when he is attacked by 4 frost giants – damn those giants. A huge battle it is with fireballs, dimension door to get to the top, boulders been flung, lots of grabbing, feather falling, and smashing…
We eventually triumph, and find our way to a cabin.

There we meet Darlo…


There was a young dwarf named Hitum
Whose family hammer did miss’um.
A sword he did use
To poke, thrust and swoosh
Monsters he could not squish ’em.

Arcane Brotherhood at Luskan

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