Tyranny of Dragons

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

I tried for so many years to live up to the expectations of my poor father, but he is just so fixed in his ways. Yesterday I confronted him and told him the truth about who I am. In a fit of blind rage he told me that I was throwing away everything and that I was dead to him. So I left my home as an exile. A few days later I heard the official announcement. Apparently I had died in an accident and Alagarthas would replace me as his heir, well I wish the obsequious toady all the best.

I have enjoyed wandering the Sword Coast incognito. Now I can dress and act as I choose and people tell me what they think. I have made new friends who have taken me in as a kind of family. It is a brotherhood where we all share a wonderful powerful mother who is terrible and majestic, wise and beautiful all at the same time. It is lead by a Calishite named Severin and he sees a New World Order where our New Queen will rise and the old Kings and Queens will to bow down to her awesome and terrible majesty! He does not care about me being different, indeed he tells me that I have potential to achieve greatness. . . .

. . . have continued to advance within my new found family. Over months I have ascended through the ranks of Dragonclaw, Dragonwing and Dragonfang to Dragonsoul and can now wield the raw power of our most Majestic and Terrible Queen! Today Severin acknowledged my service of putting down a traitor of the highest rank, a Wearer of Purple! I crushed the apostate like the maggot he was into the ground! Severin was so pleased with me, he promoted me to take the dissenter’s place. . . .

. . .our plans are progressing with great speed. We have assembled a hoard of treasure, the like of which the Sword Coast has never seen. The poultry contents of my poor father’s royal treasury would only make a tiny fraction of what we have collected. Our alliance with the Red Wizards with their formidable rituals brings our ultimate goal all the more closer. . .

. . . again my service has been rewarded. I have grown stronger in my power still. Severin has bestowed upon me the ultimate reward for service. I now bear the Green Dragon Mask. A Wyrmspeaker I am! I have sought out Chuth, the Emerald Assassin. How ironic it is that I command the Great Dragon that has such a taste for elf flesh (and elves of noble blood in particular). How my poor father would tremble before me if he saw now!

. . . We are now unstoppable. The hoard is amassed, the Drakhorn has sounded, the rituals have been formulated and the sacrifices assembled in readiness. Soon the Great Temple will be erected. I have surrendered the Green Mask to Severin for it to be joined to the others. I can almost taste the glorious day when the Iron Gates swing open and our mighty and terrible Queen will ascend to be among us and bear down fury and revenge to all those who have stood in our way to be consumed in the unquenchable dragonfires!


A Sending to Remi (if I have had a long rest).

Green dragon defeated. Heroes safe. Disturbing cult news. Their sacrifices have been assembled. Where? Who? We must out-propaganda the cultists. Love Blake.

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

Sending to Blake. (It is a ritual)
The sacrifices have been assembled at the well of dragons. They are those captured by the dragon cult (That is why the elvish villages had

10mins later…

no bodies left). We must make pacts with strong allies to rescue those who would be sacrificed.

Also tell Remi the masks have been joined…

10mins later…
what can tear them apart?

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

Reply from Remalla Haventree – “Troubling developments indeed. Agree, must sway the minds of our foes, as well as defeating their armies. Will call another Council of Waterdeep at once….”

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

No…not another Council meeting…Just give me some heads to smash…

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

Strangely enough at that same moment in Mithril Hall, Connerad Brawnanvil is overheard saying, “Damn And blast, not another council meeting! Why did they have to invite Hitem, and not her less famous brother Talktoem Battlehammer?”

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

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