Tyranny of Dragons

Greenest in Flames

Session 1


Blake Starsong
Shadow Catcher
Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer
Ryndel Stonecastle

Seeking their fortune, a group of inexperienced adventurers join a merchant caravan travelling north along the Sword Coast.

As sundown approaches, they arrive at the normally peaceful community of Greenest. Instead of the pleasant welcoming town that they had expected, they see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings and many dark figures running through the town. Against the light of the half moon, a dark winged shape wheels low over the keep in the centre of town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!

As the adventurers enter the town they are confronted by Linan Swift, her husband Cuth and their 3 children who are being chased be a pack of kobolds. The party take down the Kobolds and rescue the family.

By this point it is clear that the town is teaming with looters, both kobolds and human raiders.
The party battle through to the central keep, which they enter as the portcullis is closing.

Inside the keep they meet Governor Nighthill, who briefs them on the current tactical situation. From the battlements to the east, they can see the Temple of Chauntea being besieged by raiders, and too the west they see torches being set to grain stores at the mill. They also glimpse the imposing figure of Frulam Mondath with her retinue of well armed guards. Shadow seems to recognise her and explains that her purple robes are a mark of high rank.

Nighthill beseeches the party to aid the town as suggests using the old tunnels to the river as a sally port. He also requests that they try to take a prisoner, so as to interrogate and better understand the motivation of the enemy.

Master of the keep, Castellan Escort the Red, escorts the party to the rusty gates of the old tunnel. The tunnels have not been used for many years and are infested a nest of ravenous rats. Using flaming oil, the party drive of the rats. They pause to lick their woulds before making their sortie to the river bank. Using stealth, they get the drop on the raiders guarding the tunnel exit and take a prisoner which they return to the keep for questioning.

Before the interrogation can ensue, the adventurers are summoned by Escobert to the parapets where a dragon is attacking! The party climbs the tower to find a huge blue dragon unleashing its terrifying lightening breath upon the keep’s defenders. Overcoming the fearful presence of the formidable wyrm, Ryndel identifies it as Lennithon. Recalling an anecdote of a former lost battle, Blake Songblade uses his magic to communicate with the dragon and goads him into withdrawing, saving the keep.

With the dragon routed, the party returns to interrogate the prisoner, Seth. He is a lowly mercenary who has been hired by some sort of fanatical cult. He knows little of the cult’s motivations, only that they have been raiding nearly communities and looting treasure. They have established a camp to the southeast. He has heard some rumour in the camp about dragon eggs….

As midnight approaches, the raiders seem to dissipate. Just as the town starts to breath a sign of relief, a formidable figure is seen to approach the keep. The figure is over seven feet tall with blue scales and wicked claws. He introduces himself as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. He proposes a contest of single combat in exchange for hostages.

Hitum Battlehammer rises to the challenge. Hitum fights bravely and draws first-blood, however he is no match for Cyanwrath who furiously takes the dwarf down in a avalanche of blows from his greatsword. As Hitum lies bleeding on the ground, Cyanwrath sinks in his spear for good measure. He releases the hostages, then turns a retreats with his raiders en masse, into the darkness….


  • When the party mispronounces Hitum’s name, he clarifies the correct pronounciation with his warhammer by “Hiten’m hard”.
  • Tref’s brilliantly convincing characterisation of Shadow. He’s contrary and difficult persona is utterly believable.
  • Blake Songlade driving off the dragon with the clever use of a cantrip.


Thanks for leaving out Blake’s clumsy first use of Charm Person in a combat situation. “Let’s get the kids…” sure endeared the charmed ruffian to him, but not so much the kids.

Greenest in Flames

I particularly liked negotiating with Governor Tighpurse on respectable payment for the heroes.
In particular asking for healing potions, which he claimed they did not have, and then at the end our reward was …. Healing potions!

Governor Tightpurse might find the looting was more widespread than first thought.

For my downtime I have been looting precious items from the battlefields and abandoned houses….

Greenest in Flames

Alas the raiders got all the good stuff first….

I’ll go over how downtime works next session.


Greenest in Flames

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