Tyranny of Dragons

Never treat with dragons, even the good ones

Session 36: Heavy Metal

By Blake Starsong
Shadow’s fug after our duplicitous treatment of him at The Council was weighing heavily on us as Elia (aka Otaaryliakarnos, a silver dragon) bore us to the the Nether Mountains. At one point it looked like he would cast himself off her back and into oblivion. After an uneventful camp in the Star Mountains, we arrived to the sight of Protanther, a magnificent gold dragon, and a bit of a grumpy bum.

Quickly thereafter we were joined by

  • Nymmur, representing the Bronze dragons;
  • Ileuthra, representing the Brass dragons; and
  • Tazmilkella, representing the Copper dragons.

Each of us had a chance to put part of the case that they should assist us in the war against the Dragon Cult, rather then charging off to deal with them alone and heedless of collateral damage. I think some of my diplomacy skills have rubbed off on my friends, as all hit the right buttons.

Of course, being an ancient race, they had had millennia of learning how to extract concessions in a bargaining situation, and we were an easy target.

Tazmilkella was perhaps the easiest to win over as it happened we were carrying ThunderClapper, the mighty war hammer that had been stolen from her hoard by The Cult. Hitum reluctantly parted with his favourite (if useless!) possession.

Otaarryliakarnos seemed easy at first – we just had to promise 20% of the spoils of war to the metallic dragons. Taz was pretty keen on this too. But, alas, there had been an incident in her past where a dwarven hunting party had mistaken her niece for a white dragon, and had killed her, skinned her, and made a nice suit of armour that looked just like Hitum’s plate. A simple pay-off was not going to work here. As such, Hitum must seek out the Battlehammer clan leader and get a formal apology for past Dragon Moots, where dwarves had killed dragons for sport. Further, she thought Ryndel should pious-up, and he agreed to build a temple.

I still cannot decide on my religion. Should I worship Sune (she’s hot!), Bahamat (totally awesome through Ryndal!), or just study Lore? I chipped into Bahamat’s temple. Perhaps his power will shine through me someday. With all of these dragons around, I need all the help I can get.

Ileuthra was very interested in the Dragon Masks, and suggested that we give him the masks for safe keeping in a secret place. I was happy to be rid of the thing!

Nymmurin had a mean streak, demanding I seek out Dala Silmerhelve and make ammends for my “poor treatment of her”. What could I say – I loved her at the time, and probably still do. But for world peace, I can take one for the team.

Protanther was a fiend, as expected. Still smarting from the last elvish Mythal that incited the Dragon Rage of years gone by (at the hands of Samaster, no less) he demanded an apology from King Melandrach for those heinous times.

Finally, with all concessions extracted, the Metalics agreed to work with The Council of Waterdeep and others to prevent the release of Tiamat. In appreciation, they gave us Plate armour of lightning resistance, 3 arrows of dragon slaying, and Thunderclapper!

Upon return to Waterdeep I took my medicine at Dala’s house, began work on the temple, and prepared for the frightening task of trying to extract apologies form the Dwarves and Elves.

We also looked in on Leda, who was in the care of a warlock named Kei$ha, an acquaintance of Shadow. Shadow’s fug had not lifted, (despite the marvellous spectacle of a council of metallic dragons!) and his passion for continuing to get fried, scalded, stabbed, thumped, gassed and spotted had gone. The adventurer’s fire had left him. He vowed to continue the fight against the Cult, but in his own way; not the adventurer’s way. So long, our little companion. Please keep in touch (I will send you 25 words every now and then…) Kei$ha, on the other hand, seemed like she was up for some adventure. Judging by the speed at which she raided our spell books, she has a little of Shadow’s property acquisition skills.

The Ballard of Dragon Council
(work in progress)

Humans have tricked me,
In them I don’t trust.
Into her hands,
ThuderClapper was thrust.

Humans can be good,
Dwarves, perhaps not.
Some treasure, a temple, an apology,
All will be forgot.

Open to ideas,
Super-planar or not.
Keeping the masks safe
Was his lot.

Humans can choose
Who to keep and who to drop.
But your ex-lover and son,
Must form part of your crop.

Humans are specks,
Discard them all.
Only an elvish apology
Will have me heed their call.


Oh hell, we are in so much trouble.
How the hell, are we going to make good all those promises.
The Dwarves are a stubborn lot, as well as I should know.
I fear I may have to crack a few dwarves heads for them to come to their senses – it works for me sometimes

I have a seriously bad feeling leaving behind the black mask. I would bet Shadow’s 50,000gp that the Dragon Cult will somehow retrieve it from the hidden planes.

At least we gained a level, but shit that means, the battle are only going to get harder.

I hope Keisha has some special powers under her sleeves and proves as worthy an adventurer as Shadow.


Fortunately Kashara is an expert in extracting from others what she wants… one way or another. Might be useful for extracting promises from Dwarves and Elves.

No 7d6 back stabs though.


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