Tyranny of Dragons

The Council of Waterdeep part deux

Session 35: Welcome to Waterdeep. Guards!

By Ryndel Stonecastle


While at the Host Tower in Luskan a message was received by Blake from the Council of Waterdeep requesting our presence to a council meeting at Waterdeep.
After the ambushes in Waterdeep and Luskan Blake decided to find some way of hiding the Black Dragon Mask from scrying thinking thats how we have been found in the past.
Blake spoke to the leader of the Host Tower Kashaan who traded an Amulet of Proof against detection and location in return for the spell books we had previously found including the spell book of the Thayan Mage Ashbara Joss or Rath Modar (not sure).

On arriving at Waterdeep we were greeted by Leosin and Remilla Haventree. After explaining to Leosin and Remilla who Leda was, she was taken away to be questioned about the Dragon Cult. Staying safe in Harper’s Hold we rested while waiting for the Council to convene.

Taking no chances Blake cast True Sight before entering the council to ensure no nasty surprises. One surprise discovered was a silver dragon hiding in the entourage of Lord Nevermember.

Lord Nevermember has been deposed as Open Lord of Waterdeep by Laeral Silverhand, ancient mage and one of the Seven Sisters, which is apparently an unusual occurrence.

After the usual scoring shananagins we were sent an invitation by Lord Volmer. Thinking it was maybe a masked Lord I agreed to go along with the strange cultist like guys that turned up with the invite. Upon getting close to the destination I came to my senses and decided not to enter the tent in the low rent part of town.

Inside Hitem and Shadow meet with Lord Volmer, a Bone Devil wanting information on the renegade wizards of Thay, specifically Rath Modar. This Bone Devil served Zariel, fallen angel and Archduchess of Avernus, that does not want Tiamat to escape. Volmer offered inducements to Hitem and Shadow who managed to summon Blake from his romantic? dinner with Remilla. Volmer was allied to the Leader of the Red Wizards of Szass Tam a lich? or some kind of undead. Rewards were promised from “Powerful friends” if Tiamat is stopped. Apparently Rath Modar and his associates (Azbara Jos?) are part of a rebellion against Szass Tam called the Thayan Resurrection. Little is know about this group or why they are helping the Dragon Cult.

Also a murder took place, an aide to Lord Nevermember killed an aide of Dwarf Ambassador Brawnanvil. Speaking to the corpse it appears it was charmed by someone called Lilith to kill the aide and then himself. A paladin of Othar Frume’s was also found to be under Lilith’s influence.

After revealing the presence of the Good dragons we left with the silver dragon to go to the council of dragons so off we went. Another lead to another Wyrmspeaker possibly is the Misty Forest under attack by Green Dragons, apparently the Elvish village of Altand was spared unexpectedly.



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