Tyranny of Dragons

The Third Council of Waterdeep

Session 41: The Third Council Meeting of the Lords of Waterdeep

By Kashara

Lady Silverhand sent us word that the council was to reconvene to hear of our glorious exploits and to find out why there are still so many dragons in the sky.

A quick check of our blog Journals shows that our equipment should be ready at the Arcane brotherhood. Those pompous fools are insufferable, but at least they can churn out those magic items. We also have a new stack of magic items, that for some reason when we try to use in addition to our existing ones, fail to work properly. Hit’em seems particularly perplexed as he now has a mythical hammer that requires a belt and some bracers to wield.

We manage to pick up our items and off load some of our items, before a quick trip down to the Hope and Anchor. A few thousand gold later and a quick blessing from Ryndell opens up our first shrine franchise to the big B. (Franchises call 1-800-gotDragon for further information).

After some banter with McCrack and Bozo the Red, Blake whisks us back to Waterdeep just in time for the council meeting. Well not before heading down to the Broken Mug to set up corporate headquarters for the big B. Our logo, the golden archers, shine brightly and the Draakhorn is somewhat muted. Birds sing and the sun comes out and the people are at ease.

The Heroes of Greenest have no time for relaxation as it is off to the council once more to face the music. All those promises we made, all those plans we laid, lets hope the council’s memory will fade.. I wonder if we will ever get paid.

There is Lady Silverhand calling us to order and to report on our progress. Nevermember has a new “assistant” (to pour his ale no doubt). Rian Nightshade a sensuous Tiefling (aren’t we all)..

The council meeting goes better than expected with the members rejoicing at our vanquishing of the green dragon, our dispatching of the succubus and forging an alliance with ALL the metallic dragons.

A couple of minor incidents occurred during the meeting. The Heroes of Greenest, (and I speak now only of the ones who were actual in Greenest), do not always have the most diplomatic aires about them.

Starting with the dumping of Melandrach’s son’s dead dress wearing body onto the council table for all to see. all the way to Hit’em insulting everything about Brawnanvil (stopping short of insulting his beard).

Most of the difficulties were soon smoothed over when we assigned the dragons to protect key regions of the sword coast.

The silver dragon to protect Waterdeep, the bronze dragon to assist the Paladins of Elturel, the gold dragon to babysit the Dwarves of Mithril Hall, the brass dragon to help rebuild the elvish army and the copper dragon we sent to aid the Harpers.

The only thing left to do was to tell the council what we planned to do next…. attack the Well of Dragon’s or wander around aimlessly looking for the Draakhorn.

No! Neither of these things, as fortunately our good friend Shadow had sent message via Rian that the Blue Mask was not yet fused at the Well of Dragon’s but in the Tower of Xonthal. A wizard abhorred by the works of the dragon cult and red wizards has leaked its location.

More likely though it is a trap …
…and we all know how good we are with traps!


Dear Remi,

We are to leave on the morrow on a mission that will no doubt have one of us near death, one of us maimed, at the other two at the very least horribly embarrassed. While our skills have improved, the might of our foes increases, and I fear for my band. My love for you is no secret, and if we survive the coming days, I will be seeking to spend my life with you.

Matrimony is no cure for mortality, but I am sure we will be happy together, even if both our lives tread dangerous paths.


The Third Council of Waterdeep

Looking to drive away that uneasy feeling every hour or so?
Still remembering a reverberating and distant horn-like sound?
Then look no further than Golden Archers.
Peace, Tranquility, and great dining.

Tuesday night is Bard Night: all the great anti-dragon tunes.
Thursday is Tolerance Night: all dwarves and tieflings welcome.
Friday is Holy Night: blessings, indoctrination, and pie.

The Third Council of Waterdeep

It’s a trap…and we know it is. But of course we’ll rush in and set it off because of Shadow.

Why do I have a feeling I’ll never be let back into Mythril Hall.

The Third Council of Waterdeep

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