Jorgan Pawl

Dracholich traditionalist and Commander of Xonthal's Tower


Like most people at Xonthal’s Tower, Jorgen was a strong dracolich traditionalist. Just before the Tyranny of Dragons, he was nominated as commander of the recently conquered Xonthal’s Tower, a bastion full of Cult’s traditionalists. As a compromise with Cult’s traditionalists the reformist leader Severin gave the Blue dragon mask to Jorgen to examine; however the crazy Xonthal’s second-in-command Iskander betray the Cult to the Council of Waterdeep. Jorgen understood Iskander’s felling but he not ready to be traitor for these; so when Iskander’s treachery was unveiled Jorgen ordered his death; probably he was soon killed by an adventurers’ band sent by the Council in response to a message from Iskander


Jorgan Pawl

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