Tyranny of Dragons

On the way to the Forest

Session37: Are we there yet?

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

We’ve gained much experience and increased our power.
So much so Blake is able to Teleport us to Luskan and Ryndel can now fix up McCath’s hands.

We get to Luskan and try to make our presence known – Ryndel has a plan to try and fool the Dragon Cult. We meet up with McCath and she tells us that she has discovered a special formula for a Dragon Slaying Arrow to go against Tiamat – she just needs a scale of a dragon wing and a dragon soul.
After much pain, Ryndel is a able to regenerate McCath’s hands and various scars on her and himself. We leave McCath to continue with her research.

Those damn magic items are still not ready, they are obviously not as good craftsman as dwarves.

We try to get access to our old spells books for Kashara but Cashaan won’t let us near them.

Frustrated Kashara instead dominates the assistant of the council so that we can meet the council member to purchase the title for the old burnt up pub. The council member has his hands and other parts full, but he eventually decides to let us purchase the title.

We teleport back to Waterdeep, and find a note on Blake’s desk. It is a message from Remi asking Blake to meet with her alone, as she has information on Arthagast’s death.

Blake foolishly goes there alone (he never learns) and meets with the illusionary Remi. After a kiss Blake gets charmed and spills his guts out that he has the mask.
He manages to get back to us and Ryndel removes the charm with a greater restoration spell.
Blake realises it was not Remi after all and casts Sending and then scry’s on the real Remi. We realise that she has been kidnapped and is about to be killed, in the same place where the false Remi (Lilith) was.
We quickly dimension door to where they are and see 2 Remi. Blake casts true seeing on Kashara and the is able to work out which is the right one. True seeing proves that Lilith is a Succubus and Kashara casts Finger of death on her – doing mega damage.
Hitum finishes her off with the good old one two, and she disappears back to her plane.
We complete our rescue of Remi.

The next day we meet Delaan and the elf prince Alagarthas. We are told that many settlements have been attacked.
One settlement Altand, was raided and the survivors say that they have been attacked by a green dragon, and that they have seen the dragon talk to a man – possible wyrmspeaker.

We teleport to the bridge near Daggerford and see a dragon cult force guarding it.
A battle erupts – there a purple robed knight (Gravelaxe) on a nasty black horse and a bunch of those flying cultists with a few big lizard thingies . Kashara summons an elephant to attack the cultists from behind. Kashara gets hit and instantly teleports away and turns invisible.
Blake surrounds Gravelaxe with a force wall, this should prove interesting as he charges.
What the…his lance breaks in the charge, and he somehow flies out of the wall. This is pure treachery by the gods…
Stompy the elephant causes havoc amongst the cultists and Kashara blasts them into the river. Hitum goes berserk and Ryndel with his special aura spell forces the enemy to move away out of his path. We eventually defeat them all including a newly appointed zombie Gravelaxe.

Daggerfall hasn’t actually fallen to the cultist as we discover – when we approach disguised as the cultists. We remove our disguises and now have to decide whether to rest at Daggerfall or to continue on our way through the forest.


If you go down to the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!

On the way to the Forest

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