Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthals Tower

Session 42: Bloody Maze Part 1

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

We teleport to Parnast on our way to Xonthals tower and find ourselves in the Privy. Luckily we get out of their without getting into any shits.

We walk to the village near the tower and Blake questions the Farmers. Without much information we go the inn and listen to rumours whilst sinking a few pints.
Hmm…bacon and eggs, a recipe made in heaven say Hitum.

The Maze blocks our path to the tower, and from the air it looks old and ruined.

As we approach the maze, Iskander or whatever his name is, appears at the top of a Balcony. He claims to have the mask and wants us to rescue him (he wears a dress, so he must think himself as a damsel in distress on top of the tower). He says to meet him beneath the tower, and I think he has some sort of hourglass item which maybe will enable us to teleport our of there. He is then attacked by some figure and someone gets thrown out of the tower and falls.

In the maze we find some kind of sun dial which we seem to always come across.

First we head South and see some black pool with a red garnet in the middle. We ignore it, and move along, but find ourselves back by the pool.
Blake touches the water and is attacked by 2 crablike creatures (Chuul creatures or whatever), but no there is actually 4 of them.
Luckily Shadow cast Water Breathing on us all before hand. A huge battle takes place, with Blake trying to remember something about these creatures.
He tried to get away from them with Dimension Door to the Balcony but that fails.
We fight and eventually kill them all, when suddenly Blake remembers that they can be distracted by magic items dropped in the water.
There are mostly potions in the water and a wand of Fear, which Kashara seemed to think she could cast during the battle. She is very confused with her abilities [Not as confused as Hitem seems to be about Shadow/Kashara…DM].
We collect the garnet and take the pincers from the monsters.

We continue on our path and find ourselves by the bloody sundial again.The garnet doesn’t appear to do anything with the sundial. We mark our way leaving a pincer.

We now appear in a frozen in time scene with 2 Cyclops and sheep, they are not moving. We try to move away and again we seem to loop back to the same scene.
As we go further in, the cyclops and sheep start to move.
They want to compete with us in some rock throwing competition.
Blake shows them how its done with his belt of giant strength and magic. He wins the competition and the rock cracks revealing a topaz.

How do we get out of this bloody maze.
And I wonder what those Chuul’s will taste like with a bit of mornay sauce and parsley.


Boy ,Hitem sure is grumpy since his run in with Brawnanvil .
He also seems to think shadow is casting spells on the party (water breathing), perhaps he thinks shadow is still with the party, just permanently hiding… actually I was wondering why party treasure looked lower than usual, seems to be missing 50000 gp…

Xonthals Tower

“Damsel in dis dress.”?

As a boy I often wondered
Could I chuck a rock?
Now as a man, I often wonder
Where to put my …

Xonthals Tower

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