Tyranny of Dragons

Miklos Glacier III - The trouble with Giants
Session 32: Meet the Giants, A frolic on the ice.

by Ryndel Stonecastle

After securing the Remorhaz egg we made our way to the Orc encampment. Stopping some distance away Shadow went on alone using all his sneaky skills to infiltrate the Orc Encampment and place the egg in a warm place, the Orc cesspit, dropping the egg in the pit while an orc made his own contribution.

While at the Orc camp the name “Gru-Nar” was heard , an Influential orc perhaps?

After Blake used a sending spell to announce our success to Allac the eccentric we were left with a few choices of where to go next. Another sending to was used to try and convince Bloguthkus to tell the giant leader Brunvild that the orcs where planning a revolt and were keeping a Remorhaz egg in their encampment, which was unsuccessful. After deciding to make our way to Uldoveld, the Meadhall of the Giants another sending was used to announce our presence to Bloguthkus to allow us entry to the hall.

Bloguthkus dutifully greeted us outside the hall and introduced us to Brunvild. Brunvild also failed to believe our story of seeing a Remorhaz egg in the orc camp. he also accused us of being grave robbers for having the ring a Storvirk, his brother. Proving our claim that we had slain Arauthotor by dumping the bloody head upon his feasting table he became more accepting of both us and our story of finding Storvirk’s body.

Declaring that us puny humans (and even punier halfling) were not worthy of allying with Giants he did seem intrigued by the idea of taking his war into the sky about Bloguthkus’ flying castle.

Brunvild proposed a 3 part test to see if we were worth allying to.

First was to wrestle his champion Ulfgar Stonehand.
Hitem stepped forward to take on this task, aided by a potion of Cloud Giant strength and the overconfident Ulfgar, he was quickly defeated.

Second was to drink the drink the spirit mead and go onto the ice naked carrying only one item or weapon. Blake chose his Lute, Shadow his sword, Hitem his Axe, and Ryndel his holy symbol. Deluded or drunk, out on ice, three encounters were had
First A herd of Reindeer appeared surrounding us and Pindalpau-pau, Mother of Reindeer, said we had been embraced by the herd. Giant Rune for Birth appeared on our chests.

Next from the Glacier came a giant weilding a huge axe made of Ice smashing chasms into the Glacier with his Axe. He was Thrym, god of ice after avoiding the chasms we managed to find pieces of his Axe Thrindaxe?

And finally a herd of Ice Toads appears bearing a Yeti on a litter
The procession approached and the Yeti pulled aside his beard to reveal The Snow Fox who spoke and welcomed us to the kingdom of Estoria saying we were all spirit heirs of Salakko.

After these series of hallucinations, drunken dreams (who knows) we stumbled back to present our new Ice Runes, pieces of Axe and stories of the The Snow Fox to the disbelief of Brunvild. Who after allowing us to re-don our clothes and warm up announced are third and final task. To recover a Remohraz egg.

After much gnashing of teeth and a few expletives we journey to Orc village with a few disbelieving Giants to see if out tale of a Remorhaz egg in the Orc Cesspit was real. With judicious use of water spells and a levitate we were able to recover the egg from the cesspit.

Returning to the Giants, Brunvild then dispatched a small force of giants to deal with the Orcs. Greeting us worthy enough to strike an alliance with. We then explained our plan to recover the flying castle and use it to fight the Dragons. Brunvild agreed to staff the castle with giants from his tribe.

Completing his three trials Brunvild then gifted us with giant names
Ryndel became Ragnar
Hitem became Rollo
Shadow became Floki
Blacke became Bjorn

Once the deal was done we set off north to meet with the Dwarf leader Durro Thuldoun. After unsuccessfully trying to gain admittance to see the leader a quick charm spell on the gate guards and we were allowed in. After a fairly brief meeting with Durro we hurried to the market buying a sled, 100 assorted mining tools and a sled team.

Next top on our whistle stop tour of the glacier was skull rock to confirm to Allac that the orcs had been punished. We then recruited the Yetis to help free the castle from the Ice in return for some of them joining the crew of the castle.

After a few days work the castle was freed from the glacier and nearly ready to take to the air. Brunvild and his giants arrived to take up their aerial war against the dragons.
The time of taking to the skies draws closer.

The night that never was...
Session 31.5 - ... or was it?

by Shadow Catcher

Lamenting his demonic beauties disfiguration Blake tiredly set up his mystical hut for the deflated party to rest.

Even Ryndel’s bland but quantiful food felt somewhat blander and more quantiful than usual.

Maccath’s moaning filled the tent. It was a different moaning from most nights, as she lay in agony of her shattered looks and withered hands.

Shadow’s jokes of “Maccath’s being less handy now” seemed to fall somewhat flat. However, Hitem’s tail of a legendary Paladin who vanquished many foes with only one hand, seemed to lighten the groups mood. It lightened even further when he mentioned the very same Paladin wore a swan on his head.

With Spirit’s lifted, the party set up its usual watch roster, allowing Shadow a very sound nights sleep. At some point during the night a group of ice creatures passed the tiny white hut and wondered if their very existence was being trivialised by the ability of a group of adventurers to avoid wandering monsters. One of the creatures paused a minute and mused that perhaps he was now just fluff rather than a combat encounter, and prayed to the voice of the north to give him further meaning. Perhaps appearing in a future encounter with the party and using the knowledge of the white hut to his advantage. But alas the thought was but a passing moment and the ice creature continued his aimless wandering of the icy tundra.

The rays of the sun pierced through the pre-dawn clouds, illuminating the glacier for miles around. To the south the orcs cesspit of a camp was clearly visible. A bit to the left was a large hall that could but only house giants. The remains of the crashed castle could be seen a little bit further on and even further to the east than the giant hall. And north of that a strange feature in the snow, a skull could be clearly seen in the mountains seemed to wink at the group. The party now refreshed and having gone up a level during the night felt their spirits lifted. They had a plan. Yes a plan. OK it was given to them by a clearly demented old man who may or may not be a wizard, but it was the best plan they had ever had.


Miklos Glacier
Session 31 - Mad wizard, grumpy dwarves, angry mate

by Blake Starsong


Once again, adventuring throws up many wonders, and my heart is broken. To think that less than a year ago I was being hit in the head by kobolds, and now I have been close to the gods more times than I can count. None more so than today when we battled a fierce pair of Remorhazes. Only Ryndal’s divine intervention prevented me from death. I have a holy symbol, and I love Sunee, but somehow I get the feeling that the way of the cleric may not be for me.

But I get ahead of myself, the week began at the crash site of Skyreach Castle. We tramped north to see a marvellous fountain of elementals. It was warm and snug, almost as good as a Tiny Hut. Each night on the snow we saw inquisitive giants. Was that McGuffin’s tent we came across? Finally we find Allac, the slightly unhinged wizard who has tamed a colony of yetis. He seemed to have his work cut out for him keeping them from smashing anything that moved, including each other, with large stones. What a wonder – yeti’s. I am far from Waterdeep on this adventure (note to self – write Allac’s story).

After a hearty caribou stew a la Hitum, Allac seemed like he could help us re-float Skyreach. He has an army of yetis to help dig, some powerful spells (hopefully!), and a simple, one-off payment plan called “get rid of the orcs who are working for the giants”. I was for an all out assault. Surely the 4 of us could kill 500 orcs, but Allac had a more cunning plan – perhaps he is not quite as mad as he appears.
Step 1 – get a Remorhaz egg from the mating grounds.
Step 2 – plant the egg in the orc camp.
Step 3 – dob the orcs into the giants and stand back.

Seeing as Step 1 has left my darling Maccath a bit disfigured (another love lost), and Hitum and I on a journey into a monster’s digestive system, surely steps 2 and 3 will be child’s play.

On the way to the mating grounds we came across a MKoz Dwarven caravan. I put on my diplomatic airs, but opened with a horrible faux pas – apparently one doesn’t mention a “Dwarf’s shit” to them (according to Shadow). But my training kicked in and I recovered. We all left that encounter decidedly unimpressed with the grumpy northerners. Only a voice from afar, that often seems to guide our adventures, seemed keen for us to pay them a visit.

A few days tramping in the cold, and 4 hours of digging led us deep into a Remorhaz’s burrow. Shadow cunningly flew invisibly down to the female (presumably – note to self: write treatise on Remorhaze breeding habits) guarding the egg and lay in wait. I hung back, ready to fireball anything that moved. Unfortunately, the thing that moved was right behind me, and it snapped me up in its jaws. I fainted from shock and then was swallowed. Ryndal’s god power reached into the beast’s stomach, and I was awake again. Thunderwave! Unconscious! The female was awake by now, and Hitum’s arrows seemed to be having little effect. He bravely opted to join me in the digestive tracts of the male, while Maccath entered the female stomach (but got off a few magic missiles first). Hitum and I dimensioned doored out of the beast, and I unleashed a mighty fireball. It seemed to have no effect, but I singed myself badly! It was not my day.

Speaking of bad luck, where was Ryndal in all this rough-and-tumble, I hear you ask. Well, his healing worked well, but his attempts to hit the beasts were the worst I have ever seen. Imagine a drunken Paladin trying to ward off a Sune-like prostitute in a bar, then you have an image of Ryndal’s magic going off in the wrong places. Finally he gets his wand out and paralyses the female. Shadows shafts finish off the male.

Wrapping the egg in chain mail, wyrm skin, and the occasional Heat Metal, we proceed to Step 2.

Miklos Glacier - To Castle Skyreach
Session 30 - Don't eat the yellow snow.
by Ryndel Stonecastle


Starting the day in the relative warmth and safety of Dalo’s cave on the Promentory of the Miklos Glacier. Darlo described some of the dangers on the Glacier.

North west of Dalo’s cave lies the Orc tribes of the Broken Tusk guarding the western passes of the glacier (What more needs to said, there be Orcs in there multitudinous numbers, bad attitude, and poor hygiene)

North of Darlo’s Cave lies the Remorhaz mating grounds (sounds bad, strangely not high on the list of sightseeing options for the glacier)

North East of Darlo’s cave the Dwarfhold Mkoz, led by Shield Dwarf Durro Thuldoun. Mining operation. Supposedly allied (paying blackmail?) with the Giants.
Approximately 500 Dwarves (Slightly better civilised than the Orcs, otherwise an unknown).

East of the cave lies the Frost Giants mead hall of Uldoveld. Rules by Jarl Brunvild.

(Frost Giants have already proved Hostile, suggest approach with caution and hopefully superior firepower). Currently Bloguthkus appears to be attempting to drown his sorrows in the Mead Hall.

Further East lines the Hot Springs, an unknown but apparently warmer area of the glacier.

Furthest East lines the Skull Fortress. Home to Allac the Wizard, recluse, weirdo and served? by Yetis. (No further information yeti)

Trekking across the cold bleak land of the glacier we were attacked by 7 invisible Winter Wolves who could have used a breath mint and a good case of skinning. 5 of the 7 paid for their underestimation of our resolve to continue our journey. 2 Managed to escape licking their wounds. Hopefully this will make them and the other wolves think twice before attacking us. (And hopefully they will be a bit easier to spot if still leaking blood)

While camping in the magical hut spell 3 Yeti’s stop by for a chat and maybe to borrow a cup of Wolf’s blood. However they were unable to find the welcome mat or door bell so they were left to ponder exactly what was hiding under the dome eventually moving on to yeti parts unknown.

Arriving at the crashed flying castle, Blake and Ryndel distracted the ogre guard left by Bloggy to guard the ship with food and good conversation while Shadow, Maccath, and Hitem looked over the castle trying to figure out what had happened to the castle.

They discovered that Bloggy maybe wasnt in control of this flying castle, instead it appears his dead wife Esclarota was in charge crashing the castle while it was under attack by Dragon Cult forces. She spoke to group as they explored the castle.

We believe that spells are required to return the castle to the sky. A spell of lifting possibly a levitate, fly or reverse gravity spell and a spell to control the clouds forming around the castle, possibly a Weather Control or similar type spell. Repairs will also be required to dig the castle out of the crater it has buried itself in.

Possibly more information could found talking to Bloggy at the Giants Hall (could end badly if the frost giants take offence).

Allac the Strange with his Yetis may be able to assist with the spells to fix the castle, but what will he want in return?

The Dwarves of Mkoz might be interested in stealing the flying castle from the Cloud Giants. Would that be wise with the guard ogres and Giants closer than the dwarf settlement? Is this even possible with Esclarota in command of the flying castle?

An ominous winged shape was seen in the sky from Dalo’s cavern, and Glados Esclarota did say that she crashed the castle to keep it out of the Dragon cults hands. I am sure a flying castle would be an asset to Tiamat. Where are the Dragon Cult, was that a dracolich?

Our party, To the destruction of the Dragon culted vowed.
A bard of leadership, if his words fail his fireball will leave the enemy host plowed
A sneaky rogue, though small in statue his dancing sword and precise shooting leave the enemy bowed
A warrior with sword, hammer, axe, spear, bow and might to wield each with skill that leaves enemies cowed.
A sorceress newly joined, rescued from the Dragon, haughty and proud.
A cleric of Bahamut the dragon lord, keeper of secrets and healer of the motley crowd.

Arcane Brotherhood at Luskan
Session 29 - Magic Shopping

By Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

Back at the Dragon’s lair we pay off the Ice Trolls.
On one of the Frost Giant Trophies we find a giant ring with an interesting symbol – Hitum decides to wear it around his neck

Marfaub, the Ice toad sage, and Mccath joins us and we store all their stuff in the bag of holding.

On the surface there is a huge celebration, and Bonecarver cures Blake with her druidic ways.

We journey to Luskan for the Arcan Brotherhood – taking 4 days.

On the way Blake does some scrying and we discover the following:
Frulam is in a cave with a number of slaves
Bogluck in on the road with some grassy plains
Rezmir is in a ice area camp – where we hear a huge roar

We meet up with archmage Kashan the red from the Brotherhood at the Hosttower.
The Brotherhood is also having trouble with the Dragon Cult, and they will be there when the time comes.
Mary decides to stay at the Hosttower with the Brotherhood.
Our reward for our efforts, is for Mccath to join us – where’s the bloody gold
Ryndel is offered a position with the Brotherhood, and he does so.
We find we can buy magic items and sell items with the Brotherhood – this could prove interesting

We stay at the Rusty Anchor and are visited by Delann Winterhound and his wolf. He tells us about Skyreach Castle falling at Glacier Miklos and asks us to retrieve it. There is a possible ally named Darlo who lives near the glacier and will aid us if we mention Delaan and show the Golden Leaf.
There is a also the orc tribe of Broken Tusk whom we should avoid if possible
Climbing the glacier is supposedly the safer route – tell that to the bloody Frost Giants

Blake scry’s our Cloud Giant ally and sees that he is in some kind of Giant Hall feating – very suspicious.

Hithum’s old charm trinket starts to spin and we can see Conrad Brawnanvil, he demands Hithum to reclaim Skyreach Castle for our clan. This could prove a problem as isn’t the giant’s our current allies. But the hatred of giants amongst the Dwarves runs deep, and can you ever really trust a giant.

We sail to the glacier and make our way across till we see a huge clifftop.
Blake flies across and readies the rope, when he is attacked by 4 frost giants – damn those giants. A huge battle it is with fireballs, dimension door to get to the top, boulders been flung, lots of grabbing, feather falling, and smashing…
We eventually triumph, and find our way to a cabin.

There we meet Darlo…

Eternal Island III
Session 28 - The Demise of Arauthotor

By Blake Starsong


A quick scout of the upper level of the lair before tackling the mighty beast was in order, but Blake’s fuzzy head, and Shadow’s toady fingers saw the alarm go off, and Ice Trolls come to put a premature end to the assault. It turns out that Tony (aka Cookie Monster) was quite a nice chap, and was happy to ignore his burning friend and chow down on Ryndall’s magically conjured delights; and help us kill The Big A. Ryndal uses his mighty power to cure an Iceman we stumbled across, and a dozen Kobolds scattered at the sight of us. After some dicking around with ropes and pulleys, invisibility and general clumsiness, we all made it down to the lower level. Thus began…

The Demise of Arauthotor

In the lair of Arauthotor
The Famous Four did plot.
Shadow clutched the magic arrows
With which he would be shot.

The Fearless Five stalked their prey
But stumbled on some Skrags.
Fire, oil, arrows, fire,
Reduced them to a pile of rags.

Tony was not so impressed
With the heat and fire and death.
But the charm of Blake was on hand
A magic flute to hold his breath.

But now, of course, the cover was blown,
And Arauthotor was on his guard.
Even Shadow’s (short-lived?) friend
would find scouting very hard.

Some of the Five did shit their pants
When Arauthotor did appear.
But Hitum’s boldness was n’er in doubt
His axe sinking into the rear.

But what is this? Hitum is hurt.
The dragon has a shield.
Damage for us when we strike,
No matter the weapon we wield.

The battle looks grim for against the Heroes
Even the lair did fight.
Ice from the roof, magic freezing fog,
Walls appearing left and right.

Blake all confused and fearful,
launches a powerful blast.
But the dragon laughs it off
Taunts him for another cast.

Out of hiding springs sure death
As Shadow launches Missile One.
But the magic shield is all too great,
The damage inflicted is none.

I stared the monster in the eye,
Courage for my friends I did not lack.
I dispelled the magic shield of his,
But teeth and claws made sent all black.

Sneaky, slowly, draw the string,
Shadow sights Arrow Number Two.
Sneaky, slowly, fumble the arrow,
But halfling’s luck is true.

Old White Death’s neck: new decoration.
Howl and Roar!
Arauthotor protestation.

The shot was the greatest any had seen,
The magic arrow sank deep into dragon bone.
And meanwhile nimble Hitum
Recovered Arrow Number One.

Old White Death was far from done,
Retreating to build an attack.
But Hitum surprises all
Once there, now here, whack-whack.

Arauthotor beats his wings
And ever-stable Hitum falls.
And sneaky Shadow, what of him?
Twang, an arrow to the balls!

Arauthotor has called some friends
More Ice Trolls to the fray.
But they are slow and hungry,
Three heroes heed them no pay.

Old White Death is looking sick,
Perhaps Ryndal can be persuaded to heal.
The cleric points his hands and calls.
The Gods answer his appeal.

The bolt of radiant glory
Flies across the lair.
Why would Ryndal heal the beast?
And not Sacred Flame his hair?

But what is this?
A simple spell that Ryndall n’er cast?
The radiant bolt was the final blow,
Old Arauthotor breathed his last.

What a mighty battle,
Triumph for the Band.
Blake wakes up to find
Everything was all in hand.

And what treasure to be found,
Frozen in the ice?
Sword, armour, bow, beads,
Wand and headband. Nice.

Eternal Island Part II
Session 27 -

Is nothing safe from Blake’s wandering eye and fireball finger?

by Ryndel Stonecastle

So continued our exploration of the lair of Old White Death.
Stealthily our Rogue Shadow lead us round the mysterious central cavern of the lair. First to a room containing priceless scrolls and tablets being transcribed by Ice Toads. Leaving the Dangerous first contact to Blake with his every trusty libido and Dragon Mask.
Blake successfully managed to bluff the leader of the Ice frogs, Marfulb into thinking that they both were working for the Dragon and found out that this room contained much lore all written in the indecipherable Ice Frog tongue on parchment, stone and other storage.
Blake considered following his life long lust for strange lore (and stranger mates) and settling down in this room with Marfulb. However it was not to be.

Leading us on Shadow proceeded to scout the next misty room for possible ambushes.
Unfortunately he found one, surrounded by Ice Trolls things looked grim for Shadow.

Hmm maybe more like

Luckily Shadow survived the surprise onslaught from the 4 Ice Trolls and was able to escape the room and hustle back to the party as fast as his short legs could carry him.

Easily With great difficulty the Ice Trolls were defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Hitem’s axe, Shadow’s dancing sword, Blake’s dissonant whispers, and Ryndel’s wand of Paralyzation. The triumph was only marred by the tragic death of yet another Shadow familar Nimrod the penguin. After successfully delivering a shocking grasp to an Ice Troll an ill timed (-evil GM Plot-) Blake fireball lead to the following.

Shocking, hmm or more likely burning.

Blake had better watch out or this possibly awaits him. Revenge of the Penguins.

After a long rest in the safety in Leomund’s hut we continued on finding a room with an Ice Troll standing guard over a strange hut. Dealing with the Ice troll with a fireball and massive attacks by all and sundry we moved on to explore the hut.

The hut contained the missing Maccath the Crimson, Arcane Brotherhood mage missing for 100 3 years.

Makath seemed quite at home with the Dragon and was being pressured into teaching the Dragon her magicks.

Makath also explained that the Drachhorn was a gift from Tiamat to Dragonkind and was made from her consort Phelemon’s horn. Phelemon is/was a Red Dragon, the Drachhorn is a dragon horn bound by fiery runes.

Makath also told of another White Dragon Arvaterus – The White Wyrm, consort to Arauthator (old White Death). Apparently this dragon once had a human wizard rider, apparently the corpse is still clings to Arvaterus. Maccath speculated that Arothortan wished to give her to Arvaterus to replace the corpse of Metholrond (the wizard).

Exploring further we discovered the scriptorium which led to Blake finding a number or useful scrolls. Maccath also informed us that Arauthator likes to come and go to the island underwater and his lair is at the bottom of the island. There are two ways down, one a hole in the scriptorium floor and the other through the central room of the level.
Blake’s (Slayer of Penguin’s) response to seeing the hole in the scriptorium, “Top Hole”

Eternal Island Part I
Session 26 - Hitum's Duel

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer


We have arrived at Ogavyggaton – the Eternal Island (really a big iceberg)
Lustkum Half-face sails off to do some trading, he’ll return when he hears our message (whether it be by the Sending spell or carrier penguin).

On the beach there is the huge skeleton remains of a whale, with teeth marks presumed to be from the White Dragon Glazhael.
We follow the stair way path leading up.

Roger the young lad has joined us to help translate amongst us and the locals.
But he is worried about Blake as he keeps getting strange looks from him.

We come across a wall of ice with trapped bodies inside, obviously the White Dragon can’t be too far away.
A group of huskies/wolves surround as followed by a group of natives. The leader is chief Barking Seal, with a female shaman name Bone Carver (Roger sighs with relief as Blake turns his attention to her), and their bodyguard Orcaheart.
They tell us to leave but Shadow mentions we are on a honour quest. This leads to a challenge to a duel – did someone say challenge, Hitum volunteers as usual (this weakness of his sure happens a lot). The rules are no magical help.

A great duel it is with HItum and Orcaheart, with Hitum dispatching him quickly, but hang-on he somehow gets up. Bone Cutter magically heals him secretly, not once but twice.
Finally on the third knockdown, Hitum places his axe at Orcaheart’s throat and demands he stays down. The duel is over, with Hitum the victor.
We are allowed to stay the night .

They provide us with an igloo and Bone Cutter visits us – offering some smelly flake sushi. Hitum always a culinary food critic tries some, and Blake trying to impress the woman has some too. It certainly has a kick to it, but we survive it.
After some discussion it seems we have been prophesied after we mention that we want to kill the White Dragon that has been hurting their village. That night, Bone Cutter takes us to her hut that has hole in it that leads down to the tunnels, where the dragon and kobold minions live. We make our way through the tunnels and find a cavern with frozen Frost Giants with a bunch of Kobolds cleaning up.
We dispatch the Kobolds quickly and ready ourselves for the next battle.

Town of Horrors
Session 25 - Betrayal and lost treasures

By Shadow Catcher


The heroes of greenest return battered yet victorious from the depth of serpent hills. After handing over the dragon cultist Varram to the flaming fist, the party takes to healing, shopping and research.. What else is there to do in town?

Hit’ems answer is to ask his guild for some new mission, to which he is politely reminded the sword coast needs saving and the council has set him a task. Recover the Drachorn!

Off to the library and our mystery benefactor.. Actually she is not so mysterious, particularly to Blake as she is one of the many fluzies he has knocked up along the way. Lady Dala Silmerhelve points us in the direction of the arcane brotherhood (who we can’t actually visit), and to seek Marketh the Red who according to Lady Silmerhelve went to search for the Drachorn 100 years ago, but was until recently sending messages back to water deep. It turns out she is as loopy as Blake, Marketh had only recently set out to find the artefacts, stolen from the Aracne brotherhood 100 years ago.

Clearly a white dragon has taken the Drachorn and is holding it on the island of Oyaviggaton, This arcane brotherhood is a bit slow on the uptake, shadow makes a note to not join them. But also remind himself to see how his application to the red wizards is going… Oh and where the stats for his new arcane bow are.

So how to get to Oyaviggaton? If only we had someone who new a sea captain or could call upon a favour….. Surely the harpers could help? Or maybe someone has more direct experience. Hang on…. Didn’t Hit’em have some seafaring connections?

Of course old half face the sea captain is docked at water deep and owes a big favour to Hit’em. We meet with the sea captain who has lost half his face to frost bite. According to Hitem the big favour was he lashed the captain to the mast (what he did after that was a bit unclear but it must have been very special for half face to owe him so much)

The party decide to upgrade its lodging fitting to the heroes of greenest in the noble quarters. Half face however realised there was a set encounter coming up, so instead of getting up 10 minutes early, we move back to the docks.

Then things go to hell. Shadow’s familiar transforms into Rezmir, a white dragon attacks and despite cites of bullshit from Ryndel the dragon spews 70pts of damage onto Blake (Hitum and Shadow casually dodge it). Being distracted by the commotion, Shadow fails to see Rezmir cast darkeness, move 60 feet, and make a pick pocket roll all as a reaction! After a little whining from shadow he successfully passes an opposed roll and manages to not lose his best magic item and his best familiar in the same hour.

Rezmir foiled from taking back the dragon mask takes flight on the White dragon and retrieves the evil sword from the impregnable vault of the Paladins, who must have been off at the pub.

Well now there is even more reason to go to Oyaviggaton, perhaps Rezmir has gone with the White dragon (actually I it was a blue dragon in the inn, as it breathed lightening, but Shadow wants revenge, like the revenge he had on his childhood enemies…. None of whom he has avenged).

We set off to the ice burg infested North, an uneventful trip until one night we are camped on the ice and a band of Merrow attack. Blake, unable to cast fireball on our boat, resorts to casting web. Low expectations pay off as it is really effective. So effective Shadow manages to attack for 70pts damage.. Equalling a mature dragons damage, and the party declares him to be Shadow “Double Dragon Damage” Catcher and offer him an extra share of party treasure, which he politely declines.

The next day we see the jaggered peaks of what can only be Oyaviggaton. The captain sends us ashore with Roger, his deck boy. He can speak with the locals, who probably aren’t too friendly judging by all the bones scattered around the base of the Og.

What mysteries lie behind these peaks?. Who will betray us next? How will Shadows new familiar die this time? All shall be answered on the 7th. (Or in some future session, or even after the game ends and we read the module)

Tomb of Horror Part III
Session 24 - Varram acquired

by Blake Starsong


After conquering the moistened staircase, I feel myself again. The last few hours are a blur that I can barely recall. Being near death has played havoc with my memory.

Hitum was particularly critical of my alliterary allegory, and so this time I write in a style he is sure to understand.

Room 16

2 serpent idols
2 suits of armour
shit-load of snakes


Distract adventurers with the idols while vigorously mixing snakes with the armour and animate. Encourage creative use of abilities by any Rogue or Bard present. Laugh uproariously at their ineffectualness. Give any clerics present advantage on Sacred Flame. More hilarity. Leave to cook for 6 rounds, or until Hitum bashes them senseless and The Floating Sword dispenses justice. Remove snakes from adventurers and eat 4 rubies worth 1000gp each.

Room 16.5 – passage that was twisting like a Killer Python: Shadow too scared to follow.

Room 17 (Tits and Asp)


Cloaked Figure (female)
3 Lizard men
2 snake idols (reuse from Recipe for Room 16 if need be)
Series of even spaced holes approx 3’ in diameter

Immediately kill anyone who enters the room – particularly those pesky adventurers who are running amok in our sanctuary!

This recipe lacked Hitum’s delicate touch. A blast of the wand of paralysis on the cloaked figure by Ryndel , and two shots out of the shadows put paid to the chic. Hitum knocked up some lizard men. I stood around shouting encouragement. We found a healing potion and a few coins in the holes.

Corridor to cells – It’s a trap. Ryndel attracts darts, we survive.

Serpent Temple

In a cunning plan, I disguised myself as the female serpent priestess(?) and stode boldly into harms way. (Of course being buffed by Ryndel helped!) A big snake was not fooled at all, and offered us Varram (lying trussed up at the snake idol) in return for us leaving immediately and not molesting them further. Seemed like a good deal. Off we went. Ryndel had some mad notion of returning a book to some ghost. Dimension Door to the rescue. Of course, while waiting, 3 trolls attacked us. Surely these were Nutz’s nemisis. A brave plan by Shadow to attempt a relay race with a flask of oil, but luckily I had a fireball up my sleeve. Next time: Floating Sword + Heat Metal.

Interestingly the tomb was a scrying hot-spot, with sacrifices required. I must return one day to scry on my true love.

I informed Hot Chick that we had Varram, and teleported us back to Harper’s Hold, and qudos flowed.


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