Tyranny of Dragons

Neorvain and Chuth, Rest in Pieces
Session 40: Find the Dragon, kill the Dragon

By Ryndel Stonecastle

Continuing our exploration of the cavern complex we came across more rooms one of which was Nerovain’s bedroom where we found his ramblings and found out that his is King Melandrac’s fruity son.

Pushing on we discovered Chuth waiting for us in a large cavern.
Splitting up to avoid Chuth’s breath weapon we managed to get Chuth low so he tried to escape again. Hitem managed to latch on to Chuth with a grappling hook as Chuth was trying to keep away from Hitem’s axe. Hitem managed to land the final blows to kill Chuth as he was trying to swim away from us in an underwater tunnel, luckily our foresight in having water breathing already working on us saved the day.

So one Green Dragon cannibalised for spares, one Fruity elf prince deaded, not a bad days work for the Heros of Greenest.

Next I am guessing we are going to have another meeting of the council back at Waterdeep. How do we use this information on Melandrac’s wayward son? Reveal all? Try a bit of arm twisting on the Haughty Elf king? Maybe this is the leverage needed to help with our Dragon bargain for the Elves to stop using the Dragon killing spell thingy. Or it could all blow up in our faces. What to do. Maybe a quick prayer and questioning of Bahamut might help.

Excepts from Neronvain's Journal

I tried for so many years to live up to the expectations of my poor father, but he is just so fixed in his ways. Yesterday I confronted him and told him the truth about who I am. In a fit of blind rage he told me that I was throwing away everything and that I was dead to him. So I left my home as an exile. A few days later I heard the official announcement. Apparently I had died in an accident and Alagarthas would replace me as his heir, well I wish the obsequious toady all the best.

I have enjoyed wandering the Sword Coast incognito. Now I can dress and act as I choose and people tell me what they think. I have made new friends who have taken me in as a kind of family. It is a brotherhood where we all share a wonderful powerful mother who is terrible and majestic, wise and beautiful all at the same time. It is lead by a Calishite named Severin and he sees a New World Order where our New Queen will rise and the old Kings and Queens will to bow down to her awesome and terrible majesty! He does not care about me being different, indeed he tells me that I have potential to achieve greatness. . . .

. . . have continued to advance within my new found family. Over months I have ascended through the ranks of Dragonclaw, Dragonwing and Dragonfang to Dragonsoul and can now wield the raw power of our most Majestic and Terrible Queen! Today Severin acknowledged my service of putting down a traitor of the highest rank, a Wearer of Purple! I crushed the apostate like the maggot he was into the ground! Severin was so pleased with me, he promoted me to take the dissenter’s place. . . .

. . .our plans are progressing with great speed. We have assembled a hoard of treasure, the like of which the Sword Coast has never seen. The poultry contents of my poor father’s royal treasury would only make a tiny fraction of what we have collected. Our alliance with the Red Wizards with their formidable rituals brings our ultimate goal all the more closer. . .

. . . again my service has been rewarded. I have grown stronger in my power still. Severin has bestowed upon me the ultimate reward for service. I now bear the Green Dragon Mask. A Wyrmspeaker I am! I have sought out Chuth, the Emerald Assassin. How ironic it is that I command the Great Dragon that has such a taste for elf flesh (and elves of noble blood in particular). How my poor father would tremble before me if he saw now!

. . . We are now unstoppable. The hoard is amassed, the Drakhorn has sounded, the rituals have been formulated and the sacrifices assembled in readiness. Soon the Great Temple will be erected. I have surrendered the Green Mask to Severin for it to be joined to the others. I can almost taste the glorious day when the Iron Gates swing open and our mighty and terrible Queen will ascend to be among us and bear down fury and revenge to all those who have stood in our way to be consumed in the unquenchable dragonfires!

It is too late, all is assembled, the rituals have begun.
Session 39: Chuth the Coward

By Blake Starsong


As prepared as we have ever been, and based on the flimsiest of leads, we plunged into the Misty Forest seeking a green dragon, following 400 year old directions to a water-side resort in which Hitum wanted to bathe.

Our first noble detour turned out to be a test by the Keeper of the Woods, who bestowed upon us beautiful garlands. Not the sort of lei I am used to from women in the bush, but, given my track record, probably a wiser choice. She turned into an owl, and flew of before I had a chance to thank her as only I can. The prying eyes of the dragon’s critters were not on us while we were wearing the leis, and we approached the waterfall untroubled.

Well, if you consider a tunnel of spiders and ettercaps of little consequence. I managed to Thunderwave Ryndal, and push him towards a berserk Hitum. As prepared as ever. A creepy night in the Hut, and then a charging elephant to clear our path brought us to the waterfall.

Ryndal dived in for a look, Kash took to the air, I hid, and Hitum admired his beard reflected in his shield. Behind the waterfall was a cave guarded by four elves. A casual conversation reveals that they are cowards (a common theme in this cave) and the split the scene. Disguising ourselves as cultists, we venture further in. Kash’s aggressive bluff quickly dissolved when Hitum beheaded one of the local Drogonclaws. In an act of “shoot first and ask questions later”, I lit up the adjoining room with a fireball. It seemed to work: Hitum took some damage. Suddenly the very cave fought back, and I was rooted to the spot, by roots. The Lair was the most effective enemy in this battle.

Chuth appears and in an act of heoric optimism, Kash points at him and screams “die”. Now I haven’t known her long, and Shadow did speak of her ability to perform magic miracles, but this would have been amazing! Funnily enough, the dragon didn’t die, although he did seem a little worse for wear. My experience in being beaten to death in these combats has taught me not to hang around. Dimension door as a cloud of noxious gas rolls in. (Fortunately it is a fairly technical spell which only gasses people at certain ticks of the clock.)

I cast a Wall of Force around Ms/Mr Neronvain, and hide for my life. I tried to shape the wall to also trap Chuth inside the cave, but my magic skills failed me. I must study harder. Meanwhile, the big green chicken is thumping Ryndal and Hitum with his tail, and…where the fuck has Kash gone? And what is that T-rex doing in here??? Well, biting Chuth on the tail, it seems. Boy, that made him hop! In fact, he has scarpered. I fear for the elves outside: hopefully Chuth will want to guard his lair, not seek revenge on the poor non-heroes.

Meanwhile, some more elves and a few ettins have joined the party, bashing the T-rex, fireballing HItum (who seems unphased) and the lair is charming us all. Indomitable Hitum resists, and looks for something to bash. Fireball ettin – dead. Kash (she’s back? and where’s the T-rex?) convinces an elvish knight to piss off like a little girl. Ryndall is looking like I normally do in these fights: bleeding and lying on the ground.

All the while Neronvain has been encased in a force dome. Hitum is bashing on it, and so pop – a larger force dome over the top. It is the Berserk-Dwarf-Tranny-Dragonspeaker snow dome. After Hitum’s inevitable victory, he is rewarded with a belt of Hill Giant Strength. Maybe he can finally wield that maul he has been carrying around.

Fighting lots of monsters and dragons is no longer daunting – we are the Heroes of Greenest and more. However, the final words of Neronvain have chilled me to the core.

“It is too late. All is assembled. The rituals have begun.” and worst of all
“You have been lied to.”

Did the metallic dragons lose the black mask? Is Lord Volmer not really a friend? Does Tallis still love me? Is Remi seeing someone else? What could he mean?

How to fight dragons

Don’t be fearful at arrival time.
Don’t stand together in a straight line.
Lure them from the lair.
Keep them from the air.
Cut off all escapes.
Don’t wear flammable capes.

If you go down to the woods today...
Session 38:... don't believe what everyone tells you.

by Kashara
For a Knight of the Purple Dragon, Sir Isteval sure didn’t have anything useful to say about slaying Green Dragons. Although he did point us in the direction of the elves forest town of Altand. He also informed us about the local attractions in the village, in particular the ancient oak temple if Rillifane Rallathil. I guess tour guide is what ex-dragon slayers become.

We made haste for the village, after ensuring Blake had exhausted his high level spells before a long rest.

We came across the first eleven village, destroyed by the acidic breath of a green dragon. All signs of life and death had been removed.

It was with relief that the elves of the village of Altand were friendly, allowing us to pay homage at their temple before talking with their leader Galin.

He told us the story of the dragon and cultist attack, his priest swallowed whole, his wife killed before the dragon was “driven off” by his command. Ha! What fools does he take us for… Well Hitem bought the story, and Ryndel just seems to disagree with any of the plans the party makes. But Blake was also suspicious (perhaps all his failed relationships are giving him a better grip on the ways of the world). He snuck back up and spoke with the leader’s raven. The raven told him that he had been meeting the dragon each night! Acting quickly we subdued Galin and with some rudimentary truth extraction techniques we got to the bottom of it. Unfortunately his raven and Blakes squirrel needed to die, shocking grasp made quick work of them.

We traveled that night to the dragons clearing, but he did not show. The description of a wet rider flying to the southeast made us think of the dragon’s lair being behind a waterfall. Turns out there is a waterfall three days to the southeast. After deciding not to teleport (as it seems sometimes the journey is as important as the destination) we set out with our elven bread and hiking shoes.

At the end of the first day we heard a tree crashing and a cry for help… Avengers assemble!

On the way to the Forest
Session37: Are we there yet?

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

We’ve gained much experience and increased our power.
So much so Blake is able to Teleport us to Luskan and Ryndel can now fix up McCath’s hands.

We get to Luskan and try to make our presence known – Ryndel has a plan to try and fool the Dragon Cult. We meet up with McCath and she tells us that she has discovered a special formula for a Dragon Slaying Arrow to go against Tiamat – she just needs a scale of a dragon wing and a dragon soul.
After much pain, Ryndel is a able to regenerate McCath’s hands and various scars on her and himself. We leave McCath to continue with her research.

Those damn magic items are still not ready, they are obviously not as good craftsman as dwarves.

We try to get access to our old spells books for Kashara but Cashaan won’t let us near them.

Frustrated Kashara instead dominates the assistant of the council so that we can meet the council member to purchase the title for the old burnt up pub. The council member has his hands and other parts full, but he eventually decides to let us purchase the title.

We teleport back to Waterdeep, and find a note on Blake’s desk. It is a message from Remi asking Blake to meet with her alone, as she has information on Arthagast’s death.

Blake foolishly goes there alone (he never learns) and meets with the illusionary Remi. After a kiss Blake gets charmed and spills his guts out that he has the mask.
He manages to get back to us and Ryndel removes the charm with a greater restoration spell.
Blake realises it was not Remi after all and casts Sending and then scry’s on the real Remi. We realise that she has been kidnapped and is about to be killed, in the same place where the false Remi (Lilith) was.
We quickly dimension door to where they are and see 2 Remi. Blake casts true seeing on Kashara and the is able to work out which is the right one. True seeing proves that Lilith is a Succubus and Kashara casts Finger of death on her – doing mega damage.
Hitum finishes her off with the good old one two, and she disappears back to her plane.
We complete our rescue of Remi.

The next day we meet Delaan and the elf prince Alagarthas. We are told that many settlements have been attacked.
One settlement Altand, was raided and the survivors say that they have been attacked by a green dragon, and that they have seen the dragon talk to a man – possible wyrmspeaker.

We teleport to the bridge near Daggerford and see a dragon cult force guarding it.
A battle erupts – there a purple robed knight (Gravelaxe) on a nasty black horse and a bunch of those flying cultists with a few big lizard thingies . Kashara summons an elephant to attack the cultists from behind. Kashara gets hit and instantly teleports away and turns invisible.
Blake surrounds Gravelaxe with a force wall, this should prove interesting as he charges.
What the…his lance breaks in the charge, and he somehow flies out of the wall. This is pure treachery by the gods…
Stompy the elephant causes havoc amongst the cultists and Kashara blasts them into the river. Hitum goes berserk and Ryndel with his special aura spell forces the enemy to move away out of his path. We eventually defeat them all including a newly appointed zombie Gravelaxe.

Daggerfall hasn’t actually fallen to the cultist as we discover – when we approach disguised as the cultists. We remove our disguises and now have to decide whether to rest at Daggerfall or to continue on our way through the forest.

Never treat with dragons, even the good ones
Session 36: Heavy Metal

By Blake Starsong
Shadow’s fug after our duplicitous treatment of him at The Council was weighing heavily on us as Elia (aka Otaaryliakarnos, a silver dragon) bore us to the the Nether Mountains. At one point it looked like he would cast himself off her back and into oblivion. After an uneventful camp in the Star Mountains, we arrived to the sight of Protanther, a magnificent gold dragon, and a bit of a grumpy bum.

Quickly thereafter we were joined by

  • Nymmur, representing the Bronze dragons;
  • Ileuthra, representing the Brass dragons; and
  • Tazmilkella, representing the Copper dragons.

Each of us had a chance to put part of the case that they should assist us in the war against the Dragon Cult, rather then charging off to deal with them alone and heedless of collateral damage. I think some of my diplomacy skills have rubbed off on my friends, as all hit the right buttons.

Of course, being an ancient race, they had had millennia of learning how to extract concessions in a bargaining situation, and we were an easy target.

Tazmilkella was perhaps the easiest to win over as it happened we were carrying ThunderClapper, the mighty war hammer that had been stolen from her hoard by The Cult. Hitum reluctantly parted with his favourite (if useless!) possession.

Otaarryliakarnos seemed easy at first – we just had to promise 20% of the spoils of war to the metallic dragons. Taz was pretty keen on this too. But, alas, there had been an incident in her past where a dwarven hunting party had mistaken her niece for a white dragon, and had killed her, skinned her, and made a nice suit of armour that looked just like Hitum’s plate. A simple pay-off was not going to work here. As such, Hitum must seek out the Battlehammer clan leader and get a formal apology for past Dragon Moots, where dwarves had killed dragons for sport. Further, she thought Ryndel should pious-up, and he agreed to build a temple.

I still cannot decide on my religion. Should I worship Sune (she’s hot!), Bahamat (totally awesome through Ryndal!), or just study Lore? I chipped into Bahamat’s temple. Perhaps his power will shine through me someday. With all of these dragons around, I need all the help I can get.

Ileuthra was very interested in the Dragon Masks, and suggested that we give him the masks for safe keeping in a secret place. I was happy to be rid of the thing!

Nymmurin had a mean streak, demanding I seek out Dala Silmerhelve and make ammends for my “poor treatment of her”. What could I say – I loved her at the time, and probably still do. But for world peace, I can take one for the team.

Protanther was a fiend, as expected. Still smarting from the last elvish Mythal that incited the Dragon Rage of years gone by (at the hands of Samaster, no less) he demanded an apology from King Melandrach for those heinous times.

Finally, with all concessions extracted, the Metalics agreed to work with The Council of Waterdeep and others to prevent the release of Tiamat. In appreciation, they gave us Plate armour of lightning resistance, 3 arrows of dragon slaying, and Thunderclapper!

Upon return to Waterdeep I took my medicine at Dala’s house, began work on the temple, and prepared for the frightening task of trying to extract apologies form the Dwarves and Elves.

We also looked in on Leda, who was in the care of a warlock named Kei$ha, an acquaintance of Shadow. Shadow’s fug had not lifted, (despite the marvellous spectacle of a council of metallic dragons!) and his passion for continuing to get fried, scalded, stabbed, thumped, gassed and spotted had gone. The adventurer’s fire had left him. He vowed to continue the fight against the Cult, but in his own way; not the adventurer’s way. So long, our little companion. Please keep in touch (I will send you 25 words every now and then…) Kei$ha, on the other hand, seemed like she was up for some adventure. Judging by the speed at which she raided our spell books, she has a little of Shadow’s property acquisition skills.

The Ballard of Dragon Council
(work in progress)

Humans have tricked me,
In them I don’t trust.
Into her hands,
ThuderClapper was thrust.

Humans can be good,
Dwarves, perhaps not.
Some treasure, a temple, an apology,
All will be forgot.

Open to ideas,
Super-planar or not.
Keeping the masks safe
Was his lot.

Humans can choose
Who to keep and who to drop.
But your ex-lover and son,
Must form part of your crop.

Humans are specks,
Discard them all.
Only an elvish apology
Will have me heed their call.

The Council of Waterdeep part deux
Session 35: Welcome to Waterdeep. Guards!

By Ryndel Stonecastle


While at the Host Tower in Luskan a message was received by Blake from the Council of Waterdeep requesting our presence to a council meeting at Waterdeep.
After the ambushes in Waterdeep and Luskan Blake decided to find some way of hiding the Black Dragon Mask from scrying thinking thats how we have been found in the past.
Blake spoke to the leader of the Host Tower Kashaan who traded an Amulet of Proof against detection and location in return for the spell books we had previously found including the spell book of the Thayan Mage Ashbara Joss or Rath Modar (not sure).

On arriving at Waterdeep we were greeted by Leosin and Remilla Haventree. After explaining to Leosin and Remilla who Leda was, she was taken away to be questioned about the Dragon Cult. Staying safe in Harper’s Hold we rested while waiting for the Council to convene.

Taking no chances Blake cast True Sight before entering the council to ensure no nasty surprises. One surprise discovered was a silver dragon hiding in the entourage of Lord Nevermember.

Lord Nevermember has been deposed as Open Lord of Waterdeep by Laeral Silverhand, ancient mage and one of the Seven Sisters, which is apparently an unusual occurrence.

After the usual scoring shananagins we were sent an invitation by Lord Volmer. Thinking it was maybe a masked Lord I agreed to go along with the strange cultist like guys that turned up with the invite. Upon getting close to the destination I came to my senses and decided not to enter the tent in the low rent part of town.

Inside Hitem and Shadow meet with Lord Volmer, a Bone Devil wanting information on the renegade wizards of Thay, specifically Rath Modar. This Bone Devil served Zariel, fallen angel and Archduchess of Avernus, that does not want Tiamat to escape. Volmer offered inducements to Hitem and Shadow who managed to summon Blake from his romantic? dinner with Remilla. Volmer was allied to the Leader of the Red Wizards of Szass Tam a lich? or some kind of undead. Rewards were promised from “Powerful friends” if Tiamat is stopped. Apparently Rath Modar and his associates (Azbara Jos?) are part of a rebellion against Szass Tam called the Thayan Resurrection. Little is know about this group or why they are helping the Dragon Cult.

Also a murder took place, an aide to Lord Nevermember killed an aide of Dwarf Ambassador Brawnanvil. Speaking to the corpse it appears it was charmed by someone called Lilith to kill the aide and then himself. A paladin of Othar Frume’s was also found to be under Lilith’s influence.

After revealing the presence of the Good dragons we left with the silver dragon to go to the council of dragons so off we went. Another lead to another Wyrmspeaker possibly is the Misty Forest under attack by Green Dragons, apparently the Elvish village of Altand was spared unexpectedly.

Death in the Sewers
Session 34

by the late Shadow Catcher


Dearest Kashara,

I send this message to you my dear friend with desperate news. I have been travelling the length of the Sword Coast to avenge the wrongs the Dragon Cult has done to my family. I have failed at each turn. The one conspirator I was able to kill has returned from the dead. The skills I have honed over the past year have served for naught against the might of but a single dragon. The cult now track us down within the walls of friendly cities, even in the holy sanctity of taverns.

We were attacked as we listened to Blake tune his lute, first by a mighty Black Dragon and my foe Rezmir. Then by infernal creatures, summoned from the nether planes, and finally by the insipid cultists. Many lives were lost in the tavern, the only thing saving us were the spells of my companions.

My abilities were worth naught, the great black dragon was able to see through both spells and my godlike ability to hide, he hunted me down like a rat and I could do naught. My companions fled, for the artefact they carry is important beyond measure to the cultists, and it’s protection is paramount. My companions came back to recover my shattered body, and Ryndel, was able to revive me. I am now horribly disfigured, with a scar running across my lower back in the shape of a dragons claw.

And so Kashara, I beg that you assist this band of heroes where I could not. Your must strike at the very heart and head of the cult. Your talents in seeking… and extracting information will serve the group better than my poor ability to hide. I now go to rebuild my family manor outside of Waterdeep to it’s former glory, perhaps before the end of days I will look over the misty plains and think of what life could of been if it were not for these cursed dragons. Come as quickly as you can to Luskan, here I will leave you some items and treasure to assist you in your quest.

Your humble servant,


The Battle for Castle Skyreach
Session 33: Where did all those damn orcs come from?

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer
We waited for many days for Blogothkus our Giant Captain to repair the ship and kept a lookout for the Dragon Cult and their Dragons.
It then happened one fateful morning, Blake was in the sky watching for trouble, Shadow and I was sparring to hone our skills, Ryndel was urging Bloggy to hurry up.

The orcs led by some Dragon Cultists some how breached our defences and came from behind. Ryndel quick thinkingly brought up a Blade Barrier but left a gap (crazy thinking but he wasn’t trained to think like a warrior). We killed a few before they started to retreat.

It was just the first of the scouting forces, as a bigger force with 3 Trebechets attacked our main wall. There were many orcs supporting each siege weapon with a couple of Dragooning cultists acting as shooting lookouts. These weapons were deadly and quickly despatched our front ballista defense manned by a few yetis.
Blake from the air quickly launched a fireball as he went to wall to defend it. Even he got fired upon and felt the force of the deadly siege weapons. It wasn’t long before they breached our main wall, and made an opening.

Shadow quickly started shooting his arrows through the opening making the orcs think twice. Ryndel raced to the wall to see what destruction he could do to them.
Our Yeti friends valiantly fired the Ballista but they were no where near as effective as the Trebuchets. Hitum knew he couldn’t do much from range, but knew we desperately needed the assistance of the damn sleeping frost giants.

Another force sneaked through the gap with the blade barrier and things were really looking dicey. But Blake cleverly cast a wall of force around one Trebechets, which pretty much destroyed itself and trapping its crew.
Ryndell used his Flame Strikes to effect and our Ballista started to do some damage to the Trebechets. Hitum dimension doored to the sleeping giants and woke them up. Shadow blurred himself but kept firing his arrows.

The battle raged on, with the orcs and cultists having the numbers, but our small force fought valiantly. A wounded Blake bravely (crazily) dimension doored to the back of the enemy forces and sneakily cast shatter on one of the Trebechets. He got spotted but made a quick escape, teleporting to the furtherest tower.
Ryndel got surrounded by Cultists and kept swearing as much as my old sailing ship crew once did.

Our main Yeti reinforcements came bursting in yelling that the orcs were coming.
What the…then all the forces of the Orcs came, including their leaders.
If that wasn’t bad enough, Blake’s Ex’s came about riding a damn Dracolich and cultists in each claw- the same stupid White Dragon we threw down at the lodge. This is as bad as Rezmir coming back from the ashes. Both Leda and Talis were seeking Blake – was it for vengeance for what he did to them. I think only partly… as they mention something about the Black Mask was the only one they were missing.
The dragon fear came as well as the deadly freezing breath.

Then they went for Blake on the main tower.
Blake’s yetis fought bravely and managed to knock Leda to the side of the tower. Blake desperately tried to give his puppy eyes charm to Talis but failed miserably. Shadow used a scroll of lightning to hit the Orc leader thinking that with him down, it could turn the tide of battle. Ryndel healed as much as he could, and headed to the main wall tower to see what he could do. Hitum faced an army of orcs and a bunch of cultists single handedly – this is it, it wasn’t looking good.

We lost many of our allies but we managed to hold on. Blake quickly escaped and teleported to the Control tower. All of a sudden the castle shuddered and lifted off into the sky, the orcs started turning on the cultists and orc leaders. Talis seeing this made her escape leaving Leda to take care of Blake.
The orcs finally rised up against their leaders and the cultist to claim their freedom.
Hang on…did they just say they wanted to be part of our crew….what the…

Leda came rushing out of the tower racing after Blake, but then she saw Maccath. Oh no, we’ve seen this before.

Did we just get called for another bloody Council meeting – I hate politics.

But we just got more powerful, I feel my rage has been building up in me. Was it the dream sequence we just had where I’m sure I saw or felt my bear spirit, or was it my experience with the cursed Beserker Axe. Whatever it was..I feel somewhat different again with my primal self bursting with rage…

Miklos Glacier III - The trouble with Giants
Session 32: Meet the Giants, A frolic on the ice.

by Ryndel Stonecastle

After securing the Remorhaz egg we made our way to the Orc encampment. Stopping some distance away Shadow went on alone using all his sneaky skills to infiltrate the Orc Encampment and place the egg in a warm place, the Orc cesspit, dropping the egg in the pit while an orc made his own contribution.

While at the Orc camp the name “Gru-Nar” was heard , an Influential orc perhaps?

After Blake used a sending spell to announce our success to Allac the eccentric we were left with a few choices of where to go next. Another sending to was used to try and convince Bloguthkus to tell the giant leader Brunvild that the orcs where planning a revolt and were keeping a Remorhaz egg in their encampment, which was unsuccessful. After deciding to make our way to Uldoveld, the Meadhall of the Giants another sending was used to announce our presence to Bloguthkus to allow us entry to the hall.

Bloguthkus dutifully greeted us outside the hall and introduced us to Brunvild. Brunvild also failed to believe our story of seeing a Remorhaz egg in the orc camp. he also accused us of being grave robbers for having the ring a Storvirk, his brother. Proving our claim that we had slain Arauthotor by dumping the bloody head upon his feasting table he became more accepting of both us and our story of finding Storvirk’s body.

Declaring that us puny humans (and even punier halfling) were not worthy of allying with Giants he did seem intrigued by the idea of taking his war into the sky about Bloguthkus’ flying castle.

Brunvild proposed a 3 part test to see if we were worth allying to.

First was to wrestle his champion Ulfgar Stonehand.
Hitem stepped forward to take on this task, aided by a potion of Cloud Giant strength and the overconfident Ulfgar, he was quickly defeated.

Second was to drink the drink the spirit mead and go onto the ice naked carrying only one item or weapon. Blake chose his Lute, Shadow his sword, Hitem his Axe, and Ryndel his holy symbol. Deluded or drunk, out on ice, three encounters were had
First A herd of Reindeer appeared surrounding us and Pindalpau-pau, Mother of Reindeer, said we had been embraced by the herd. Giant Rune for Birth appeared on our chests.

Next from the Glacier came a giant weilding a huge axe made of Ice smashing chasms into the Glacier with his Axe. He was Thrym, god of ice after avoiding the chasms we managed to find pieces of his Axe Thrindaxe?

And finally a herd of Ice Toads appears bearing a Yeti on a litter
The procession approached and the Yeti pulled aside his beard to reveal The Snow Fox who spoke and welcomed us to the kingdom of Estoria saying we were all spirit heirs of Salakko.

After these series of hallucinations, drunken dreams (who knows) we stumbled back to present our new Ice Runes, pieces of Axe and stories of the The Snow Fox to the disbelief of Brunvild. Who after allowing us to re-don our clothes and warm up announced are third and final task. To recover a Remohraz egg.

After much gnashing of teeth and a few expletives we journey to Orc village with a few disbelieving Giants to see if out tale of a Remorhaz egg in the Orc Cesspit was real. With judicious use of water spells and a levitate we were able to recover the egg from the cesspit.

Returning to the Giants, Brunvild then dispatched a small force of giants to deal with the Orcs. Greeting us worthy enough to strike an alliance with. We then explained our plan to recover the flying castle and use it to fight the Dragons. Brunvild agreed to staff the castle with giants from his tribe.

Completing his three trials Brunvild then gifted us with giant names
Ryndel became Ragnar
Hitem became Rollo
Shadow became Floki
Blacke became Bjorn

Once the deal was done we set off north to meet with the Dwarf leader Durro Thuldoun. After unsuccessfully trying to gain admittance to see the leader a quick charm spell on the gate guards and we were allowed in. After a fairly brief meeting with Durro we hurried to the market buying a sled, 100 assorted mining tools and a sled team.

Next top on our whistle stop tour of the glacier was skull rock to confirm to Allac that the orcs had been punished. We then recruited the Yetis to help free the castle from the Ice in return for some of them joining the crew of the castle.

After a few days work the castle was freed from the glacier and nearly ready to take to the air. Brunvild and his giants arrived to take up their aerial war against the dragons.
The time of taking to the skies draws closer.


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