Tyranny of Dragons

On The Road - Part 3
Session 8: Careful what you wish for


From the journal of Blake Starsong.

Wet and weary – so weary – we sought shelter in the Way Inn.

The Battle of Way Inn (Draft 1)
Blake Starsong

A crowded tavern was expected
But curiously not this day
Around one table but four drinkers
Inside the lonely Way.

And what demeanour, what repose
From their mouths came drivel
Our party is too good for that
We demanded that they be civil.

Their piggishness grew in size
Rather than demure
Transformed into most fearsome boars
Violence did ensure.

While big and beastly, they were quite stupid
Table tops dented their charges
Their women were hideously ugly
Arses as big as barges!

I fell to blows, but Ryndal healed me
Others bled as well
And when we finally triumphed
In blew Thorgrim’s swells.

They stole our limelight: all our tributes
We hadn’t had fun!
But karma struck that very night
Praise-thieves minus one.

While the Innkeeper was pleased to be rid of the boars that were frightening away customers, Thorgrim’s untimely appearance robbed us of any reward. Naturally Shadow was livid, but was suddenly taken by the other party’s brilliance. One never can guess at his motives, however. I am sure he had a plan. Ryndall most definitely did, and his cunning plan to spread the rumour that they (the troupe) had raided The Cults Greenest camp was brilliant, but had the unexpected side-effect of getting one of them (the halfling) killed. Not ideal, but at least it wasn’t us.

Finally the rain stopped and we continued on the Road to Waterdeep when who should we stumble across being attacked but our old friend Sedgepole, with the famous troupe as guards. They weren’t doing too well, and as we all expected, they were very good at talking the talk, but very bad at shooting the monsters. We are, though, and I am surprised at our abilities these days. Shadow is a sneaky death machine, Hitum stalwart and strong, and Ryndal often doesn’t run away. I finally managed to use some decent spells – maybe adventuring isn’t so bad after all. Spiders dead, but the Ettercaps had stolen two of Sechepol’s horses. Of course we gave chase, not like those useless actors, only to find ourselves in a sticky situation – webbed lair! Again we battled to near death, and Shadow’s incredulity at the lack of treasure was only surpassed by Ryndall’s. We rescued the horses, returned them to Sechepol, and got cuts and bruises for our efforts. Let’s hope the gods smile on us as a result.

Now we sit in Daggerford, a quaint little town full of hotties. I am getting nowhere with my green love – time to change color.

Mysteriously, the cultists have taken on a passenger – one with a thick wooden cap, which is surely hiding a chest full of treasure. I wonder if Shadow can lift it in the night. The caravan has also picked up a female gnome guard. Surely Hitum can poison her with some of his soup.

I am growing to like adventuring, and my companions. I feel we are destined for great things.


On the road - Part 2
Session7: North to Waterdeep

Secret Journal of
Ryndel Stonecastle
Cleric of Bahamut,
Dragon Sage,
Hunter of Dragon cultists,
Unemployed caravan guard

The trail from Baulder’s Gate is longer than we thought, or this caravan is slower than it appears, if such a thing is possible. We are still nearly 40 days from Waterdeep.
An eventful time was had along the trail these last few days. First a golden stag was spotted, guards from the caravan gave chase and bagged the stag only for an angry mob of villagers to descend on the caravan and demand payment for their good luck animal. Samardag the Hoper gave the villagers a purse of 500 gold pieces to soothe their wounded feelings loosing their good luck stag. The pelt while golden was un-magical.

Next we ambled our way into a town in the Trollclaw region, a rest day for the caravan and a market day for the town. While there our short tenure as caravan guards ended after the other adventuring party appeared led by a dwarf fighter by the name of Thorgrim. We decided to continue with the caravan to continue our mission of finding the where and the why of the Dragon Cults looting of the towns around Greenest.

A few uneventful days past as we plodded north with the caravan inching our way to Waterdeep, when suddenly by the side of the road was a person buried to their neck by with the word “oathbreaker” painted on their forehead. We stopped to talk to the man who claimed his name was Carlon Amoffel a carpenter from a nearby village, lover of the local barmaid who’s family were bandits. When he refused to join they left him buried along the road, an unlikely tale if ever I have heard one. While removing him from his predicament took 2 hours of digging, Shadow noticed a harper tattoo on Carlon’s torso. Carlon then related another tale of being a harper following the trail of dragon cult treasure shipped north. After giving him my cleric vestments as the fellow was naked but for a loincloth he summoned a horse with a whistle and rode off north promising to meet in Waterdeep, an even unlikelier tale.

While catching up to the caravan after rescuing Carlon we came across a standard wagon under attack by Hobgoblins. Shadow lead the charge, sneaking around behind them and attempted a sleep spell to reduce their numbers. A solitary hobgoblin fell asleep to the spell. Hitem and I then charged into combat with the remaining 7 hobgoblins. Unfortunately I was felled after a mere two hits owing to the hobgoblins uncanny martial spirit which gives them a bonus to attacking as a group. Luckily Hitem and Shadow proved up to the task of killing the hobgoblins and their leader. The luckless merchant was so grateful he gave us a crate of silks for our trouble which when opened was found be arrow and worm ridden and completely useless. On the plus side the Hobgoblin did have a nice silvered 2 handed sword which Hitem is carrying. We escorted the merchant back to the main caravan where the damage to his good was discovered and Samadan the hoper gave him a horse to ride back to his wagon and rejoin the caravan. He has not been seen since.
While fighting Shadow searched to find a healing potion to get me back on my feet but it was not found until we re-united with Blake.

Where was Blake? He had fallen in with a delightful lady by the name of Green Imsa. Presumably the name comes from the fact that she is green, not with envy, but that is her natural? colouring. Blake was obviously quite smitten with the lass as he passed us the mighty task of digging out Carlon to stay and talk to the charming Green lady.
Later a storm blew up from the east and drenched the caravan with rain. While the rain fell mushrooms grew on the ground around the caravan. First only tiny they are easily squashed even though they apparently screamed and gave a puff of black spores into the air. Quickly they grew in size until they towered over the caravans. Believing that their rapid growth would lead to a rapid death we waiting the day huddled in our cloaks waiting for the day and rain to end. The next morning the oversized fungi show no signs or rapidly disappearing as fast as they had grown. Wanting to not lose any more time we removed the obstacles with spells and ranged abilities until we were able to break free of the circle of fungi. What did the other group of experienced adventures do while we did all the hard work and took all the risks? Nothing, useless.

It is now day 26 of our journey towards Waterdeep, I can only hope that town that lies somewhere ahead of us called Dragon Mount is in some way connected to these cultists and there we may leave this caravan behind us. If not we will continue on to Waterdeep to ensure that the cultists fail in whatever hideous plan they are concocting.

On the Road - Part 1
Session 6: Baldurs Gate

by Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer

Dragons Log 08 May Session 6
The rescuers and survivors heal up at Greenest.
After a quick debrief with Governor Nighthill, we find that Leosin has left horses for us to make our way to Elturel to meet him and Ontharr Frume.
Ryndel doesn’t mind his scar too much, especially since it will take very high level spell to get rid of it. Hitum needs 10 treatments of medical help to get rid of his festering wound. Blake disappears, but is most likely making the most of his wound by getting sympathy from the nurses.
We set off to Eltural by horseback, and after a few days, make it there without incident.

At the “A Pair of Black Antlers” inn we meet up with Leosin and Ontharr. There is much story telling, arm wrestling competitions, drink and food – a very merry night it is.
Who knew paladins could enjoy a good party.
Ontharr Frume is leader of the Order of the Gauntlet and is impressed by our tales and feats, and invites us to join his faction. We discover that Leosin is part of the Harpers and he too invites us to join his faction. Shadow joins the Harpers, and Hitum joins the Order of the Gauntlet. Ryndel keeps to himself as usual – what secret faction is he with??
We have a new mission – go to Baldurs Gate before the raiders get there, and meet up with our contact Ackyn Selebon (a merchant selling wagons etc). Our objective is to infiltrate the raider’s caravan and to find out:
1. Where is the treasure going to
2. What is the treasure for
Perhaps getting us to join their factions is a cheap means to enlist our help, as we are just given 50 gp each for expenses.
We are equipped with whatever we need and provided a boat to sail to Baldurs Gate.
Hitum is finally promoted to Captain as he is the only one that can sail the boat.
We sail down the river to Baldurs Gate without incident, and Hitum finally recovers from the festering wound after 10 great medicine treatments from Ryndel (the dwarven ale seems to have helped too).
Before reaching Baldur’s Gate we all get into disguise:
Ryndel – grows a beard, changes shield and whatever else he can
Shadow – colours his hair green, and disguises himself as only a rogue can
Hitum – changes his armour, weapons, clothes, trims and cleans his beard
We pay the harbour fee and start exploring Baldurs Gate.
We check out the temple to heal Blake, and discover that Ryndel could have healed him from the beginning (a simple lesser restoration would have sufficed) – or maybe he just wanted the sympathy from the ladies.
Shadow meets up with his old contacts and gets them to take care of our boat and to keep an eye on when the raiders arrive.
Ryndel goes to the library to research on Tiamat, Hitum can’t figure out what’s the use of the library as you can’t get a drink there, or have fun.
We check out the market place and see what can be purchased. Hitum is happy to get some more kegs of beer, Shadow can’t believe the prices for poison.

We finally meet up with our contact at the North gate, Ackyn Selebon, he recommends an inn (The Three Old Kegs) to stay at and will arrange for us to be guards for the caravan.
The raiders arrive and we are hired a guards:
Hitum and Shadow joins Beyd Sechepole – a half elf, very diplomatic merchant selling Beer
paying us a good rate of 10 gp per 10 day
Ryndel and Blake joins Lai Angesstun – very boastful merchant saying how much he is going to make when we reach the destination – selling scented oils, paying an average rate of 5 gp per 10 day.
McGuffin shadows our caravan as only he can.
The Paladin and Barbarian are left at Baldurs Gate to complete whatever they were doing there before.

We start our journey, which is to last 40 days, with 8 caravans and about 50 people
Three of the caravans we have determined are from the raiders.

We meet a Moon Elf merchant named Edhelri Lewel that is selling exotic woods.
She has a guard named Eldkin Agetul (dwarf maiden) that just can’t seem to shut up.
She however is killed (poisoned) after saying too much, one night after an incident where one of the raider wagons has a mishap, and some of the cargo of gold and jewels is spilled.

Beyd’s wagon has a teamster halfling named Losvius Longnose, who is extremely annoying and wants Hitum’s heirloom tankard. He attempts to steal the tankard one night and Shadow fixes him up with an arrow through his hand.
The Tankard however is stolen one night by the raiders, but Ryndel with his locate object spell, and Shadow been sneaky retrieves it.

On another day there is a great hunt for deer, but a magnificent magical deer is spotted. Hitum and Shadow tries to stop a few of the hunters but aren’t persuasive enough. The hunters come back to the camp with the dead creature, only for the local farmers complaining that is was their sacred lucky creature. Samardag the Hoper, the merchant involved, amazingly pays them 500gp and the body of the creature. Ryndel detects magic, and can see that the pelt is magical.

After 15 days of the journey, we are approached by a group of 5 adventurers. After some talk with the merchants, our party is fired. Shadow tries to challenge the new party but they don’t take the bait. We somehow find Aldor Urnpoleshurst, a lawyer, in the caravan and he negotiates with the merchants for them to pay us 20 days worth.

We are paid, but now are stumped as what to do next…

Raiders Camp: The Final Return
Session 5

by Blake Starsong

This entry begins with Shadow discovering the trapped chest in the Dragon Temple cave was empty – Blake’s sorrowful ‘I hate adventuring’ seems to waft through he caverns (or is it his screams as he receives an internal wound)?

The remnants of a great battle, complete with blood, trinkets, and the dreams of young men strewn around a cavern fail to hide two dragon eggs, promptly smashed and the occupants killed by Shadow. Obviously he doesn’t want to be the Queen of Dragons. When quizzed afterwards Jacque was heard to claim “Several knowledgable individuals in the party assured us they were evil, and so, by Torm, we crushed them dead.”

The fearless adventurers (and McGuffin) rest to recover their breath and then sneak up on a gang of Kobolds and their pet drake. McGuffin’s Hail of Thorns wreaks havoc, and soon the evil blighters are under control. One has their tongue cut out, and several party members think that might be a good idea for Blake. Let’s hope that internal wound is in his mouth.

A few dragon amulets and copper pieces later, McGuffin manages to advance his courtship with Jacque by dropping a roof on her. While flattened, but not flattered, Shadow and Smite inspect the weapons rack, which seems to have glorified leashes on it. I wonder what they could be for? Oh, that would be the young drakes in that nearby pit: attack! A sneaky kobold opens the gate for the drakes to feast, but Smite bravely tries to hold it shut. Whoops, not quite as strong as he thought. Jacque manages to catch a drake with aforementioned leash, but it breaks free. Another character whose mind is writing cheques their STR roll can’t cash.

Once the pet debacle is over, another eventuates, with Feather Duster flying off to scout ahead, never to be seen again. RIP our little companion. Of all the party members, you were the most loved by all (except perhaps by Shadow, who seemed to be already planning a replacement as your fluffy, fragile little body flew off into the dark). Is Shadow’s journey to the dark side complete?

Perhaps because the cavern had largely been vacated by the Hoard, the party could often hear a distant rumbling sound. More seasoned adventurers would have recognised it as the roll of a d6 for wandering monsters, but our hapless noobs cheerfully got attacked over and over again by small Kobold, flying Kobolds, mute Kobolds, warm Kobolds, cold Koblds, red Kobolds, … you get the idea. McGuffin goes down under the hail of Kobold pellets from above. All the while, a mysterious figure has been watching, waiting, “helping” in his own unique way: what was that cleric’s name?

Barricading themselves in the treasure room, which strangely they did’t think to carefully loot, a nice little nap and some healing took place. The distant rumbling grew louder at times, but the long rest passed successfully.

Reinvigorated, Jacque took revenge on McGuffin with a flurry of attacks, later claiming to be confused by some spikes she stepped on hidden in some paper mache rock. These Hoardists are marvellous craftspersons.

After avoiding the poisonous, metal-studded fly strips leading into the meat locker, the brave, and slightly more successful, party carry the terribly wounded Rundel, Blake and Hitum across the Sturge infested cave. Jacque and Smite both stumble under the heavy loads, and a flurry of action ensues. Barely holding on, their new friend’s lives in the balance as well as there own (in addition to Shadow’s bank balance courtesy of Guv) the flying fiends find foul death.

Out, out the encumbered party flees, but ambushed! Drakes with a plan. We crushed them like bugs, albeit having to drop Hitum: let’s hope that festering wound didn’t get too much cave grit in it. We made our weary, damaged way back to town. By Torm, that Hoard must pay for what they have done to the innocent and Feather Duster*.

‘*’ Perhaps FD wasn’t so innocent as he seemed to be influenced by Shadow, but let’s not speak ill of the dead.

Meanwhile, in the Meat Locker...

Blake Starsong, Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer and Ryndel Stonecastle regain consciousness.

In their weakened and groggy state, they find themselves bound and hanging, powerless to move. It is cold and dark and immediately their noses are assaulted by the smell of old blood.

After a short time, they hear the clanking of armour and are dazzled by lantern light. As theirs eyes adjust, they see the unmistakable flourish of purple robes as Frulam Mondath saunters up to them flanked by her hulking bodyguards and an urd (winged kobold). The bodyguards carry a brazier of hot coals between poles and the urd has an array blunt and sharp instruments. The cave is full of carcasses of all kinds of beasts hanging from hooks.

“We can make this easy or you can make it difficult”, announces Frulam in a commanding yet sultry voice, “answer my questions or I’ll have to get Skreech to loosen your tongues”.
“Raaark!” says the urd enthusiastically plunging his instruments into the brazier.

She first turns to Blake.“Who sent you and why are you here?”
" Governor Nighthill sent us to recover the treasure" blurts Blake, never one to deny a pretty face.
“Hmm…interesting, and what of the half-elf, Leosin Orlanthar?”
Blake stammers, “I don’t exactly know”
“Hmm…disappointing.” Frulam clicks her fingers. “Skreech! Deal with him!”
“Raaark! Raaark!” shrieks Skreech as he trusts a hot poker into Blake’s midriff.
“Aaah, Aaah, Aaaaaaah!” Blake lapses into unconsciousness again having sustained an Internal Injury

She turns to Hitem. “Perhaps you will show some more sense, dwarf. Where is Leosin?”
“Umm, I don’t umm, I don’t know”, bumbles Hitem.
“Oh, how tiresome…Skreech!”
“Raaark! Raaark!”. The urd pulls a hot brand from the brazier and trusts it onto Hitem’s chest. The choking smell of singeing dwarvern body hair causes the kobold to recoil for a moment.
“I’ll ask you one more time. Where is Leosin?”
Hitem pauses for a moment of deep thought, “Umm..err…I really don’t remember.”
Frulam tuts to herself and gestures to Screech, who enthusiastically applies the hot brand to the dwarf again. “Raaark! Raaark!”
“Aaaar! Aaar! Aaaaar!” cries the dwarf as looses consciousness having sustained a Festering Wound

Frulam approaches Ryndel. “Priest of Bahamut, please don’t make this as unpleasant for yourself as the others did. Do you know where Leosin is?”
Skeech draws a wicked curved blade from the brazier.
A wry smile comes over Renders face." Of course I know where he is…"
Frulam’s eyes widen with attention.
“…but I’m not telling you.” and spits in Fruluam’s face.
Frulam wipes the spittle from her face and flicks her hair to compose herself. “Screech!”
“Raaark! Raaark!” The kobold slices the glowing blade across the priest’s face
“Aaaar! Aaar! Aaaaar!” cries Ryndel as he lapses into unconsciousness having sustained a Horrible Scar

As the heroes drift into the void of unconsciousness, the final thing they hear as Frulam saunters away with her retinue “Enough of this time wasting with these pathetic interferers. At least they might be useful to feed the hatchlings….”

Raiders Camp: The Return return
Session 4: Tunnels of death


By Shadow Catcher

An insight into the thoughts of the band of adventurers, as they plunge bravely into the darkness, pursing their nemesis Frulam.

Shadow Catcher
“My bow thirsts for vengeance, and vengeance will be mine! The blood of the Kobold’s does not slake its thirst. The sweet blood of Frulam and her compatriots three is all that will satisfy”

Blake Starsong
“That Frulam was a bit of alright. I might have time to seduce her now that I have run off ahead of all the party… WHAT! How did they all get down that rope ladder so fast.”

Hitum Battlehammer
“Hit-em. Hit-em. Hit-em. Hit-em. Hitum HIT_EM”

Ryndel Stonecastle
“It really is quite crowded with this party, perhaps further time in isolation is required. But the lure of being able to study a dragon brood up close is too compelling”

“A rope ladder. If we get into trouble I could climb right back up here quick smart… or maybe I should stay down and fight… or maybe climb back up”

“Hoot” — I can’t believe I have survived this long on 1hp

Unfortunately the band of adventurers charge straight into a well orchestrated trap. Not only are they facing Fulram and her spell of “kill 3rd level characters”, but two other massive obstacles…. Langdedrosa Cyanwrath the half-dragon who kicked Hitum’s butt so soundly previously (not to mention his 3 “henchmen”)… but also a clearly trapped chest with a light fingered bard nearby.

Thanks to a character trait that no-one thought would be important. Hitum was compelled to accept Langdedrosa Cyanwrath challenge for a second time. Perhaps with an extra 2 levels he could beat the half-dragon. Well the answer was yes and no. We did defeat Langdedrosa, however his henchmen turned out to be even tough than him, and Blake conveniently set of a massive gas trap (or maybe that was just his lunch).

End result: baddies 3 – heroes – 1 McGuffin makes quick his escape with Shadow Catcher following close behind.

The party of two return to Greenest to mount a rescue or corpse recovery mission. Fortunately at that exact moment 3 other adventures appear that Lord Tightpurse suggests could help with the mission. Two (stange) paladins and a barbarian. They are welcomed into the party immediately with the proviso that they are “better than the last batch”

Time is running short. Pictures of dragon cubs feasting on his companions fills Shadow’s head, along with thought of all the treasure and coins they were carrying.

The party of five strong once more enter the cavern… which is eerily quiet. McGuffin fudges some rolls and determines that their companions have been dragged off to the south. So the party decides to head North…. just so they wouldn’t get flanked (or miss out on uber loot).

They enter a cavern and are soon set upon by not one but three different monster groups! A band of cocktail throwing Kobold’s, some guard drake’s and a hungry Roper Above!

As the party finished mashing the three groups of monsters (with several death saves needing to be made), they turn their attention upon the other object in the room. Dragon Eggs!

“Did anyone bring the bacon!”

Raider's Camp: The return
Session 3: The Tunnels of Terror


by Ryndel Stonecastle

Another fine day begins in Greenest.
Lord Nighthill greets most of the party at breakfast just as Leosin staggers into the keep having escaped after being freed by Shadow. Meanwhile back at the Raiders Camp, Ryndel mingles with the crowd to try and complete the mission of finding the next target of the raiders. Ryndel returned to Greenest to be reunited with the party after failing the find the next target.

After a brief meeting between the party, Lord Nightill and Leosin, Leosin stated that he was going to leave Greenest to travel to Elturel to ask for assistance from his friend Onthar Frume, a learned scholar of the Dragon cult.

Leosin asks the party to travel back to the Raider’s camp to spy on it while he visits Onthar. The mission is to watch the camp and report back once the raiders leave the camp. For this Leosin offers 150GP each.

Meanwhile Shadow and Starsong have started a owlery in the castle for Shadow’s new feathered familiar loving called Feather Duster. For a while it seems that Shadow contemplates a career change to used owl salesman.

The recovered treasures from the Temple of Chauntea are returned to a grateful Lord Nighthall.

The trek back to the Raider’s camp was uneventful due to the skills of our ranger McGuffin.
Returning to the hills surrounding the camp the party discovers that Camp seems different, the kobold tents burned, the human tents deserted.
Climbing down from the hills and entering the deserted camp a plan is formed to investigate the caves of hatchery for more clues.
“keep low” says Shadow the halfing rogue (like that’s a problem for him) as he leads us into the cave, while Starsong sings a sneaking song only to discover that sneaking and singing don’t mix.

The Dragon Nursery (if such it was) is not as deserted as the rest of the camp. The two half elves guarding the dark entrance to the cave are quickly despatched we press on down the right fork of the tunnel where another guard is found sleeping in an apparent treasure room.

A further room is found that contains many guards and kobolds. A cunning plan is devised by Shadow to sleep as many guards as possible using Shadow and Starsong’s sleep spells.
This proves to be Shadow’s best plan of the night as his other plan of sneak attacking with his shocking grasp spell cast through his owl turned out not to work as well. With most of the guards dealt with we then moved on to the next room which contained a leader of the Dragon cult, Frulam Mondath.

Frulam fought hard but her guards were no match for our superior skills and tactics. As the last of her guard fell to the mighty blows of Hitum the brave Frulam attempted to escape down a hidden tunnel. Whether she will escape remains to be seen….

The Raiders' Camp
Session 2: Camp as a row of tents


By Blake Starsong

After a torrid night of death, looting and destruction by the raiders, we awoke to a request from Governor Nighthill to pursue the invaders and discover their location, number, intents and motivations. Shadow was in for the money (250 GP each, no less!), Ryndel sought revenge for the shameless desecration of the local temple, Hitum sought his saviour monk, and I would do anything to protect the good folk of Greenest and surrounds.

Setting off along the obvious trail (and armed with a spyglass that Hitum so cleverly thought to obtain) we soon came across a group of stragglers: filthy Kobolds and 4 humans arguing over a chicken. A well planned ambush resulted in us capturing many of them, killing a few, and 3 Kobolds escaping through the bushes. While Ryndel and I questioned the survivors, Shadow discovered a man (somewhat shabby and smelly) hiding amongst the belongings of the group. It transpired that this rather unpleasant and obnoxious chap was McGuffin, sent by Governor Nighthill to help us track the raiders. While I admire his thoughtfulness, the choice of operator left a little to be desired; no culture whatsoever. He did turn out to be helpful, however.

After some intense questioning, which brought out Shadow’s bloodthirsty side (cheered on by McGuffin), we learn that the camp was further on and that there would be a rear-guard posted. McGruffin spotted the hiding place well, and our bold attempt to bluff our way through was met with a rain of boulders. I can’t understand why our brilliant ruse didn’t work – I’ve bluffed my way through far worse. It can only be those 3 pesky Kobolds that escaped that raised the alarm.

Ryndel seemed terrified of one of the cultist acolytes; I can only assume he had a previous dalliance with a female relation of his. The rest of us crushed them like bugs, however, and the inevitable questioning turned into an even bigger blood bath than the previous. I am worried for Shadow and Ryndel’s souls – they are on a dark path. McGuffin turned out to be a dab hand with the bow, and contributed well. Perhaps I can overlook his uncultured ways and welcome him into the group.

Finally we arrived at the camp, and blended with the gangs of mercenaries and cultists milling around. I experienced some terrible manual labour that I hope never to repeat, but we gathered a lot of information. Something that will please monk Nesim is that Shadow located his master, and freed him from bondage. After a series of unfortunate events, including a lack of appreciation for my fine dragon song, we were forced to fight our way out of the camp and run for our lives. Ryndel cleverly stayed behind, blending with the cultists and discovering that there was a half black dragon called Rezmir guarding a clutch of dragon eggs.

All in all we made it back to Greenest with an abundance of information.
1) There are over 200 cultists and 2 dozen drakes at the camp
2) They are stealing treasure to build a hoard for dragons.
3) They will continue to raid surrounding towns for treasure.
4) Greenest’s treasure is now part of the horde.
5) The camp is run by Frulam.
6) Cyanwrath (half blue) is in the camp.
7) Rezmir (half black ) is in the camp.
8) Leosin has escaped, and has a lot of knowledge about the camp, but not enough. Why didn’t they kill him?

Greenest in Flames
Session 1


Blake Starsong
Shadow Catcher
Hitum “Hard” Battlehammer
Ryndel Stonecastle

Seeking their fortune, a group of inexperienced adventurers join a merchant caravan travelling north along the Sword Coast.

As sundown approaches, they arrive at the normally peaceful community of Greenest. Instead of the pleasant welcoming town that they had expected, they see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings and many dark figures running through the town. Against the light of the half moon, a dark winged shape wheels low over the keep in the centre of town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!

As the adventurers enter the town they are confronted by Linan Swift, her husband Cuth and their 3 children who are being chased be a pack of kobolds. The party take down the Kobolds and rescue the family.

By this point it is clear that the town is teaming with looters, both kobolds and human raiders.
The party battle through to the central keep, which they enter as the portcullis is closing.

Inside the keep they meet Governor Nighthill, who briefs them on the current tactical situation. From the battlements to the east, they can see the Temple of Chauntea being besieged by raiders, and too the west they see torches being set to grain stores at the mill. They also glimpse the imposing figure of Frulam Mondath with her retinue of well armed guards. Shadow seems to recognise her and explains that her purple robes are a mark of high rank.

Nighthill beseeches the party to aid the town as suggests using the old tunnels to the river as a sally port. He also requests that they try to take a prisoner, so as to interrogate and better understand the motivation of the enemy.

Master of the keep, Castellan Escort the Red, escorts the party to the rusty gates of the old tunnel. The tunnels have not been used for many years and are infested a nest of ravenous rats. Using flaming oil, the party drive of the rats. They pause to lick their woulds before making their sortie to the river bank. Using stealth, they get the drop on the raiders guarding the tunnel exit and take a prisoner which they return to the keep for questioning.

Before the interrogation can ensue, the adventurers are summoned by Escobert to the parapets where a dragon is attacking! The party climbs the tower to find a huge blue dragon unleashing its terrifying lightening breath upon the keep’s defenders. Overcoming the fearful presence of the formidable wyrm, Ryndel identifies it as Lennithon. Recalling an anecdote of a former lost battle, Blake Songblade uses his magic to communicate with the dragon and goads him into withdrawing, saving the keep.

With the dragon routed, the party returns to interrogate the prisoner, Seth. He is a lowly mercenary who has been hired by some sort of fanatical cult. He knows little of the cult’s motivations, only that they have been raiding nearly communities and looting treasure. They have established a camp to the southeast. He has heard some rumour in the camp about dragon eggs….

As midnight approaches, the raiders seem to dissipate. Just as the town starts to breath a sign of relief, a formidable figure is seen to approach the keep. The figure is over seven feet tall with blue scales and wicked claws. He introduces himself as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. He proposes a contest of single combat in exchange for hostages.

Hitum Battlehammer rises to the challenge. Hitum fights bravely and draws first-blood, however he is no match for Cyanwrath who furiously takes the dwarf down in a avalanche of blows from his greatsword. As Hitum lies bleeding on the ground, Cyanwrath sinks in his spear for good measure. He releases the hostages, then turns a retreats with his raiders en masse, into the darkness….


  • When the party mispronounces Hitum’s name, he clarifies the correct pronounciation with his warhammer by “Hiten’m hard”.
  • Tref’s brilliantly convincing characterisation of Shadow. He’s contrary and difficult persona is utterly believable.
  • Blake Songlade driving off the dragon with the clever use of a cantrip.

Like many restless young people in Faerûn, you have joined a caravan of merchants as bodyguards, tradesmen or porters to travel the Sword Coast and experience your first taste of the adventure in the big wide world.

For the past few days, you have been traveling the Uldoon Trail, a road that winds lazily across the rolling grasslands of the Greenfields. Sundown is approaching when you top the rise and see the town of Greenest, just a few short miles away.

But instead of the pleasant, becoming town you expected, you see columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that are little more than dots in the distance, and a dark shape wheeling low in the sky over the keep in the centre of the town….

“Hoard of the Dragon Queen” is set in the Forgotten Realms and is for 1st level characters, using 5th Edition rules.
Stats can either be determined by a witnessed roll (4d6 drop the lowest, arranged in any order), or by using the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12 10, 8). If you don’t like your roll, you can choose to take the standard array instead.
The Forgotten Realms is a harsh place, so I recommend having a reserve character in case of an unfortunate circumstance. Reserves can substitute in if you wish to change your party’s skill set.
In addition to your starting Bond granted by your background, all starting characters will be assigned a campaign specific Bond.
There are two campaign specific optional Features that can be chosen in place of a Feature normally granted by your background
– Cult of the Dragon Infiltrator
– Dragon Scholar
I can provide more details of these if they are of interest to you.

So keep those character sheets rolling in, and I look forward to getting together soon for some epic adventure…


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