Tyranny of Dragons

The Raiders' Camp

Session 2: Camp as a row of tents


By Blake Starsong

After a torrid night of death, looting and destruction by the raiders, we awoke to a request from Governor Nighthill to pursue the invaders and discover their location, number, intents and motivations. Shadow was in for the money (250 GP each, no less!), Ryndel sought revenge for the shameless desecration of the local temple, Hitum sought his saviour monk, and I would do anything to protect the good folk of Greenest and surrounds.

Setting off along the obvious trail (and armed with a spyglass that Hitum so cleverly thought to obtain) we soon came across a group of stragglers: filthy Kobolds and 4 humans arguing over a chicken. A well planned ambush resulted in us capturing many of them, killing a few, and 3 Kobolds escaping through the bushes. While Ryndel and I questioned the survivors, Shadow discovered a man (somewhat shabby and smelly) hiding amongst the belongings of the group. It transpired that this rather unpleasant and obnoxious chap was McGuffin, sent by Governor Nighthill to help us track the raiders. While I admire his thoughtfulness, the choice of operator left a little to be desired; no culture whatsoever. He did turn out to be helpful, however.

After some intense questioning, which brought out Shadow’s bloodthirsty side (cheered on by McGuffin), we learn that the camp was further on and that there would be a rear-guard posted. McGruffin spotted the hiding place well, and our bold attempt to bluff our way through was met with a rain of boulders. I can’t understand why our brilliant ruse didn’t work – I’ve bluffed my way through far worse. It can only be those 3 pesky Kobolds that escaped that raised the alarm.

Ryndel seemed terrified of one of the cultist acolytes; I can only assume he had a previous dalliance with a female relation of his. The rest of us crushed them like bugs, however, and the inevitable questioning turned into an even bigger blood bath than the previous. I am worried for Shadow and Ryndel’s souls – they are on a dark path. McGuffin turned out to be a dab hand with the bow, and contributed well. Perhaps I can overlook his uncultured ways and welcome him into the group.

Finally we arrived at the camp, and blended with the gangs of mercenaries and cultists milling around. I experienced some terrible manual labour that I hope never to repeat, but we gathered a lot of information. Something that will please monk Nesim is that Shadow located his master, and freed him from bondage. After a series of unfortunate events, including a lack of appreciation for my fine dragon song, we were forced to fight our way out of the camp and run for our lives. Ryndel cleverly stayed behind, blending with the cultists and discovering that there was a half black dragon called Rezmir guarding a clutch of dragon eggs.

All in all we made it back to Greenest with an abundance of information.
1) There are over 200 cultists and 2 dozen drakes at the camp
2) They are stealing treasure to build a hoard for dragons.
3) They will continue to raid surrounding towns for treasure.
4) Greenest’s treasure is now part of the horde.
5) The camp is run by Frulam.
6) Cyanwrath (half blue) is in the camp.
7) Rezmir (half black ) is in the camp.
8) Leosin has escaped, and has a lot of knowledge about the camp, but not enough. Why didn’t they kill him?


A brilliant account of events!

Well done to all.

You all reach level 3.

Also an extra 10 days downtime to all.


The Raiders' Camp

Great telling of the event – no wonder you are the Bard.

The Raiders' Camp

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