Tyranny of Dragons

If you go down to the woods today...

Session 38:... don't believe what everyone tells you.

by Kashara
For a Knight of the Purple Dragon, Sir Isteval sure didn’t have anything useful to say about slaying Green Dragons. Although he did point us in the direction of the elves forest town of Altand. He also informed us about the local attractions in the village, in particular the ancient oak temple if Rillifane Rallathil. I guess tour guide is what ex-dragon slayers become.

We made haste for the village, after ensuring Blake had exhausted his high level spells before a long rest.

We came across the first eleven village, destroyed by the acidic breath of a green dragon. All signs of life and death had been removed.

It was with relief that the elves of the village of Altand were friendly, allowing us to pay homage at their temple before talking with their leader Galin.

He told us the story of the dragon and cultist attack, his priest swallowed whole, his wife killed before the dragon was “driven off” by his command. Ha! What fools does he take us for… Well Hitem bought the story, and Ryndel just seems to disagree with any of the plans the party makes. But Blake was also suspicious (perhaps all his failed relationships are giving him a better grip on the ways of the world). He snuck back up and spoke with the leader’s raven. The raven told him that he had been meeting the dragon each night! Acting quickly we subdued Galin and with some rudimentary truth extraction techniques we got to the bottom of it. Unfortunately his raven and Blakes squirrel needed to die, shocking grasp made quick work of them.

We traveled that night to the dragons clearing, but he did not show. The description of a wet rider flying to the southeast made us think of the dragon’s lair being behind a waterfall. Turns out there is a waterfall three days to the southeast. After deciding not to teleport (as it seems sometimes the journey is as important as the destination) we set out with our elven bread and hiking shoes.

At the end of the first day we heard a tree crashing and a cry for help… Avengers assemble!


Kashara does well disguising herself as king melandrach, perhaps we can fake the apology. But what does she have against animals. Perhaps she only trusts the ones she can summon.
We hear and old tale about Chugh the green dragon that like the taste of elves – is this the same dragon we are hunting.


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