Tyranny of Dragons

Neorvain and Chuth, Rest in Pieces

Session 40: Find the Dragon, kill the Dragon

By Ryndel Stonecastle

Continuing our exploration of the cavern complex we came across more rooms one of which was Nerovain’s bedroom where we found his ramblings and found out that his is King Melandrac’s fruity son.

Pushing on we discovered Chuth waiting for us in a large cavern.
Splitting up to avoid Chuth’s breath weapon we managed to get Chuth low so he tried to escape again. Hitem managed to latch on to Chuth with a grappling hook as Chuth was trying to keep away from Hitem’s axe. Hitem managed to land the final blows to kill Chuth as he was trying to swim away from us in an underwater tunnel, luckily our foresight in having water breathing already working on us saved the day.

So one Green Dragon cannibalised for spares, one Fruity elf prince deaded, not a bad days work for the Heros of Greenest.

Next I am guessing we are going to have another meeting of the council back at Waterdeep. How do we use this information on Melandrac’s wayward son? Reveal all? Try a bit of arm twisting on the Haughty Elf king? Maybe this is the leverage needed to help with our Dragon bargain for the Elves to stop using the Dragon killing spell thingy. Or it could all blow up in our faces. What to do. Maybe a quick prayer and questioning of Bahamut might help.



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