Tyranny of Dragons

Xanthal's Tower

Session 45: Love in an elevator - cantrips win the day

by Kashara

We got in.


The body on the ground was a cultist, not the dude we were here to rescue.
The teleportation circle outside the tower got us in.
We found three elevator panels and a purple robed cultist killed by a dragon blade, perhaps there are shadows at work here.
Whilst Ryndel spent time examining the corpse, Blake got restless and started pushing buttons at random.
Room 1: 8 cultists doing a ritual with 2 dragon-lich legs
Room 2: A bedroom.
Hang on were there 8 cultists! We better go back and check if Ryndel is OK.
Oh 8 dead cultists, his cantrip Sacred Flame sure is powerful at level 14.
Ok more buttons to push, this time Rydnel will be with us.
Room 3: More cultists
Room 4: An altar room
What more cultists! Better prepare an ambush.
Damn Ryndel is out of spells, better rely on Hit’em killing them at a rate of 1 per round.
Since Kashara wings stop her being effective at doing anything, she turns her mind to the puzzle: we want to go to the top of the tower to get the hourglass, which is the symbol at the bottom that does not activate. OK sounds like a job for four people, maybe a quartet… Ah ha, so the plan must be.

Destroy the boss! Only a key can open the door! Open the door!

Now what symbol would be like the top of a tower… hmmm a fat cyclinder, a thin cylinder, two chairs, a star, a crutch… hang on a star! press.
Top tower room: Books to read, a telescope to spy through and a door to open. Kashara looks through the telescope but her wings stop her from seeing what is through it, Blake takes to the books and Ryndel and Hit’em try to open the door only to be blasted by spells.
Three cultist and the boss stand on a narrow balcony. Kashara pouring over her 3 spells and 20 rituals can’t find anything particularly useful. Guess she should just use her cantrip Eldritch Blast (aka Blast’em).

Cultist 1: Goes flying off the balcony
Cultist 2: Goes flying off the balcony (with some inspiration from Blake)
Cultist 3: Goes flying off the balcony
Boss: Apparates into the tower and casts ice blast. He then dies, probably to one of Blake’s cantrips.


This all smells a little fishy…Hang on maybe it’s just me…
Bugger why do I keep getting these curses – first the rage, now I need to keep moisturised…what will the other dwarves think…(not that they do much of that)
I feel like I’m drowning…maybe that’s not quite possible now.

Xanthal's Tower

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