Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthal's Tower

Session 43: Bloody Maze Part 2

by Blake Starsong

The dragon cult ravages the land, and Tiamat’s rise is imminent. Meanwhile we are playing around like foolish adventurers; besting one trial after another and collecting trinkets. The trials are tough. I see why the villagers avoid this dastardly maze. We have a garnet, topaz, pearl, jade and bloodstone; a sundial with 3 shadows, and no idea how to get to the tower where Iskander is ready to help is in the global struggle.

Let me describe our 3 most recent tests.

The pearl was very hard won, with near-death experiences for Ryndal and Kashara. A bit of luck, a dimension door, a T-rex, an invisible dog, and beserk Hitum all combined to get us out of a floral catastrophe. I would describe what happened in vivid detail, if only I had seen it. One step retreat too much, and I was back at that sundial (for three hours!). I was physically close to the rest of the party, however, as Hitum reported my guard dog was still barking. I wonder what the blue fountain was for. Normally my interest in lore would see me wondering at the construction of this maze, its purpose, and what the stoopid wizard who built it was thinking. Perhaps he constructed it knowing the trick of each trail in case he forgot the teleportation circle insignia on the inside. Yes – surely that is it! Each trial can be passed without harm (perhaps if your name is Xonthal.)

A mystical pagoda and a Dao (genie of the earth) guarded the jade gem. Kashara’s banishment made short work of that. She is an enigma – so powerful, but so limited. And is Shadow with us after all?

The final trial involved animated suits of armor that kept reanimating after being knocked down. Fortunately they did a lot less damage per attack than the beautiful flowers, and could not climb over a 20 foot wall of force. They were immune to a surprising number of spells, however. My lovely fireball song had no effect.


Shadow is definitely still with us.
I’m sure I saw him on the sundial, and we seem to be falling for ever trap in existence.

Maybe we should have gone to the tower at night. No sun…no bloody sundial…

Xonthal's Tower

Hitem obviously has been too berserk to notice. It is now night. The stars are now out. And the sundial has 3 shadows (although none of the hobbit variety).

Xonthal's Tower

To summarise:
Plants played pass the parcel with Hit’em
Genie was put back in the bottle (well sent back to its home plane)
Magic immune armour attacked us

Just a standard day at work for the Heroes of Greenest (+1).

Xonthal's Tower

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